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How we Plan your CoE Capacity


When it comes to setting up Xerago’s Marketing Center of Excellence for you, it takes careful planning, as a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work. And it is imperative that the engagement is ‘right-sized’ when it comes to people, processes, technologies and analytics.

Right-Sizing Skills

We first take stock of the existing skillsets in your marketing team and your partners (who cannot be replaced) and find deficits or gaps. We then deploy the right people with diverse skillsets who can strategize and execute interventions through the Xerago Marketing CoE. This is done in one shot or in a phased manner.


Right Sizing Processes

Existing processes are scrutinized and gaps spotted. These are remedied through standardization of roles and responsibilities, movement of jobs, the setting up of SLAs, queue management, governance controls, approval tracking, MIS and contingency plans. Any necessary processes that need to be in place will be set up to ensure the seamless functioning of Xerago’s Marketing CoE.

Right-Sizing Technologies

We sift through your marketing stack and find all the technologies that work in siloes, are redundant, under-utilized, obsolete, under-performing and draining more resources than they should. We then go through the process of removal, augmentation, integration and optimization as required using a mix of Xerago's proprietary or third-party technologies.


Right-Sizing Analytics

Once we understand and evaluate your current marketing data pipeline, we will go on to set up a Data Lake / Data Warehouse / Data Mart / Customer Data Platforms from the ground up or augment existing ones, as need be. The right tracking systems will then be set up, analytical processes integrated and reporting templates built for every activity that would come under Xerago’s Marketing Center of Excellence.