Management Team

Ganesh N Mandalam

Ganesh is a serial entrepreneur of sorts, with his previous companies being acquired by larger groups. Ganesh is a first-generation entrepreneur who spent time in advertising and was the creative brain behind some of India’s best known print advertisements. Even while he was busy coming up with lines for his next ad, Ganesh felt that marketing could enormously benefit from technology and made more measurable. The pursuit to bring accountability to marketing led Xerago to implement large-scale Enterprise Marketing platforms in one of India’s largest Private retail banks. Ganesh is a compulsive knowledge-seeker and is as adept with networking protocols as he is with Philip Kotler’s Marketing theories. Needless to say, this constant quest to solve some of the bigger marketing challenges led to the Customer Value Maximization platform.

Harish Padmanabhan

Harish heads the sales function at Xerago for the South of India. He believes in being happy and brings that philosophy into work as well. He believes that doing what you like is freedom, and liking what you do is happiness. According to him, a sales person must be empathetic, persuasive, optimistic, resilient and responsible.


Taking care of demand generation and outbound marketing for Xerago, Shekaar’s job involves conceptualizing sales strategies and planning. He co-ordinates all the demand generating activities for Xerago. In his free time, Shekaar loves to go on long treks or play cricket. He keeps his mind agile by playing Sudoku.

R P Venkatesh

RP heads the Marketing Automation function at Xerago. He first understands client requirements thoroughly by interacting with them – he then works with his internal stakeholders to ensure that a high quality delivery happens on time – every time! He believes that for a person to be successful, he or she should have a good understanding of the marketing domain. Strategic thinking and an ability to plan well is essential.
When he manages to take a break, he goes away with family to some off-beat locations for some rest and rejuvenation.

C. Selva Kumar

Selva heads the account management portfolio across clients for Xerago. As an Account Director, he synthesizes consulting excellence, strategic account direction and project management, to deliver high quality e-business strategies, solutions and services to clients.

Bhuvaraha Murthy

Murthy heads the finance team and is responsible for legal contracts. He takes care of financial forecasting, resource gap analysis and financial reporting. A good financial professional keeps a close watch on all project plans and ensures a smooth cash flow throughout the year. He is spiritually inclined and visits temples when he can. He likes to spend his free time with his family.


Raghav takes care of Marketing in Xerago.
His mandate is to develop the Xerago brand by positioning it as the go-to destination for sophisticated marketing solutions.
He loves to listen to different points of view and arrive at the best possible conclusion which is in the best interest of the organization. His interests are varied and he dive into a whole lot of things with a great deal of enthusiasm. He loves music – anything from 70’s rock, jazz, and pop to the classical. He loves to read – fiction and biographies. There are three things to effective marketing. The first and the most important thing is to dedicate oneself to a lifelong journey of learning. The second aspect would be to learn how to develop a consistent point of view and last but not the least is learning how to communicate clearly and effectively.
He believes that good communication comes when you have clarity of thought.

Melvin Xavier

To Melvin, Design is like gardening. It’s all about removing unimportant elements so the important ones come into sharper focus.
As a design head, Melvin spearheads all of the creative and design thinking in Xerago. He works with his team – guiding them in conceptualizing, visualizing and creating immersive user experiences for our customers.
Painting is something that I have always enjoyed. For me life is meaningful if I’m able to give something to others.

Suresh Kumar

Suresh heads the technology team of Xerago. His job is to showcase the latest developments in the tech industry to his team, the management in Xerago and clients.
Today, technology is changing rapidly. To stay abreast of the latest developments, businesses need an expert to constantly monitor and determine a way to use these advancements to solve real world problems. This is where Suresh comes in – he addresses pretty much anything that has to do with Science and Technology – and so he tracks the developments in a number of fields such as Automotive, Wind energy and so on.


Vishnu heads the Program Management and the Quality Assurance teams at Xerago.
The Program Management team acts as a bridge between the customer and internal stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to client requirements and deadlines. The Quality Assurance team acts as the gatekeeper for all client deliverables – and ensures that everything that goes out is of the highest quality.
Passion as well as an attention to detail is essential for a job well done. Staying updated with the latest tools and technologies is essential. Vishnu loves to visit historical places and read. His favourites are the writings of Swami Vivekananda.

Kumar S

Kumar takes care of the UI Engineering team at Xerago, overseeing the development of the front ends of websites and multimedia applications. He makes sure that they are easy and intuitive. A good UI engineer creates a program interface that is clear, logical and which provides multiple access points to the features of the program or website.
He and his team work on JavaScript framework, CMS tools and Hybrid Mobile application development platforms. He loves to play cricket and has a keen interest in gardening.

R. Kishore Kumar

Kishore heads the Human Resources department.
He makes sure Xerago hires the best talent and ensures there is a great working atmosphere for all the employees. He used to be in the Armed Forces which has exposed him to a great amount of cultural diversity, which he says, has helped him in his current role as a human resource professional. Kishore says that he tries to learn something new every day. He believes that a sense of duty and discipline is what keeps one going through tough times.

Navin Ragade

Navin heads the Business Analysis function at Xerago. As the vital link between a firm’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives, skilled business analysts contribute to the profitability of any business. Navin elicits and analyses project requirements from customers, detailing and documenting the same, making suggestions to add value to their requirements, and finally getting their sign off, so as to ensure that everyone is on the same page, before development work begins. Work aside, he is passionate about heavy metal music. He plays the drums; loves tattoos and pets; cares deeply about the environment and considers himself a stationery aficionado.

Srikanth Akella

Srikanth heads the Digital Marketing function for Xerago. His primary function is to enhance our customers’ presence across digital platforms. Focused on getting to the top of Google’s listings, Srikanth’s motto is “Go slow. Go steady” as he knows that it can’t happen overnight. In his free time, Srikanth plays cricket with his children and manages to show them a trick or two each time!


If there is one attribute that sets apart Xerago from others, it is our ability to measure the work we do. A large part of it goes back to Vinoth, a whizkid in customer and web analytics. Vinoth’s team helps customers maximise benefits from their marketing initiatives on their Digital Marketing journey. Vinoth is a firm believer in the “Tell people what you want and get out of their way” theory. As he says “An analyst needs to connect different points in data to see the larger picture – connect the dots!” A serious sports enthusiast, Vinoth ensures he gets to play his favourite cricket match at least once a month! He also likes to take off on short treks, off the beaten path.

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