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FCA India – Salesforce Implementation | Xerago

FCA India – Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

The Client

A large international automobile company that was involved with the production of cars and engines to be sold in the Indian market was in the process of adding more models to expand its current portfolio in the country backed by a robust marketing and sales strategy. In Addition to this, the company also planning to introduce its electric vehicles in the country. The company had its focus on making customer experience effortless to increase customer satisfaction - which in turn makes an impact on engagement, retention, loyalty and advocacy.


The Challenge

To support the aggressive business expansion plans and raise the standards of their services to the best in the industry they decided to do away with the legacy systems that were being used in Sales & distribution, Customer Care, marketing, etc. and replace it with the integrated cloud based platform Salesforce for all set ups and markets across the globe. As a part of global strategy they wanted to implement Salesforce in a phased manner starting with service and Sales Cloud and then subsequently a marketing cloud.

Although Salesforce is a user friendly platform and has many inherent features that support New Age business transformation, the right implementation and integration with various other systems from where the data flows, plays a crucial role. That was the reason why the automobile company wanted a partner who understood technology and Cloud marketing platforms. Xerago was awarded this project after multiple levels of screening and the project went live in a record span.

As a part of its global business transformation initiative, they wanted to implement the cloud based platform Salesforce across its various business functions to transform their India operations. Understanding the implementation roadmap approved by the company and implementing it along with a customized integration to suit the India office’s business requirement was a real challenge. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation partner needed to be come with domain knowledge and technology expertise – and they chose Xerago.

The Solution

Xerago has experience working with various large global companies across various industry sectors for more than a decade and a half and has a rich and proven experience in the implementation of marketing automation technology platforms and other technology backed various services related to marketing and analytics (like digital marketing, CMS, design & creative support, Content and Editorial services, Campaign management etc ).

Xerago’s process-oriented approach for the successful and error-free execution of any project called for the setting up of a dedicated project team which had experts from technology and marketing. They did a thorough study of the prevailing situation and met with various stakeholders in the automobile company to understand their expectations for the Salesforce implementation. This was very useful for the team to design the right kind of solution for them, in a short time.

The service cloud at the company worked fine but the sales and marketing clouds needed some customization. There needed to be some modifications in the Sales Cloud in the dealers’ environments that would track and capture payment / advances that are received against orders. This was crucial to tracking primary and secondary sales and revenue realization. Additional product fields were required in the lead management module.

The automobile company wanted to adopt a new business strategy that was completely customer centric and focused on improving customer experience at every interaction right through his lifecycle with the brand. This called for the identification of all possible customer touch points and the triggers/ events where interactions may happen and appropriate message configurations for each relevant communication channel was done.

Our Content team then came up with very apt and relevant messaging in line with the automobile company’s overall communication tone and styling, and the Design team made the messaging effective through aesthetics and visuals. Our team suggested various key points in customer journeys such as “Book a test drive”, “Book a car”, its delivery, etc. along with follow up of leads which had a great impact on the C-sat score. All these were configured into the platform and relevant communication attached to them. We also recommended a survey to be incorporated so insights could be got from customers.

Since Social media is a growing part of customers’ lives we did a social media platform integration with the Salesforce modules. Our integration of the Sales Cloud with the marketing cloud helps move leads / sales data smoothly for all communication to be designed, controlled and executed.

The project is still running and we are in phase two of the project where our SME team will be recommending some advanced techniques to handle the entire customer lifecycle journey effectively.

The Results

A process-centric approach, efficient project planning, execution and well co-ordinated efforts of all stakeholders from various teams resulted in the successful and effective implementation of the Salesforce cloud. This helped them to optimally use the data channel the appropriate lifecycle communication through the marketing cloud which in turn helped in improving brand engagement and improving the c-sat score.