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Organizations work hard to make it easy for prospects to do business with them –
attention grabbing ads, simple landing pages, short forms, and so on.

But how much do organizations invest to make it easy for
existing customers to do business with them?

It should be

easy for
a Prospect

to do business.


mindless for
a Customer

To do business.

Are you investing enough to make it easy for your existing customers to do business with you?

At Xerago, we consider this the one-click goal.


have to fill forms to do business


should be able to tap or click once to accomplish almost anything.

Some organizations do this with “one click” purchase.

But customers should
be able to do a


check fulfilment

service appointment setting up




Enable “one click” fulfilment
for your existing customers too.

This happens when there’s an extraordinarily high degree of focus on digital transformation.


Organizations that have enabled some kind of digital purchase fulfilment are not digitally transformed. Shrinking attention, millennials going mainstream, mobile-first users and retired baby boomers insure that one-click digital interactions are key to successful digital transformation.

One click digital interactions are key to successful digital transformation.


Xerago makes it
easy for customers
to do business

with your organization
through digital portals
and voice and mobile
apps, with one click.



Xerago’s Digital Transformation Services help

Transform your offline / analog processes and services and enable digital consumption

Configure products and services to enable one-click origination, fulfillment and consumption

Measure impact, market digital outreach and optimize conversion

Identify opportunities and connect digitally with customers to influence and impact revenues

Design and deliver convergent experiences that are human, insightful and data-driven

Achieve digital goals and metrics

Xerago’s Digital Transformation Services help

Achieve your digital goals and metrics with
Xerago’s digital transformation services.

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