Digital and Data Analytics​


Capture, Aggregate, Analyse, Report, and Predict Customer Behaviour

We Manage​

  • Tracking codes, short-codes, and tag managers for data capturing
  • Business intelligence platforms for analysis and reporting
  • ETL platforms for CDP, Data marts and warehouses​
  • Build and optimize statistical and AI models using statistical tools and ML platforms​

Define your analytical needs. We will use our people, processes and technologies to deliver dashboards, reports, insights, CDPs, models and customer scorecards.


We are platform-agnostic. We use your existing tagging, Extract-Transform-Load, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI platforms. Where needed we deploy our own analytical stack.

We are comfortable working with most data and digital analytics tools and technologies

Centralized Data Engineering and Highlights for Trouble-Free Management

With centralized data engineering, we generate frequently-updated and cleaned-up data sets with rich metadata for effective insight generation.

Diverse Reporting
Types to
Fulfill Varying Needs

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights delivered as per stakeholder-needs, ensuring absolute fulfilment of reporting requirements.

Timely Analytical Deliveries for Just-In-Time Marketing

All dashboards, reports, insights, CDPs, Models and Customer Scorecards are delivered as per SLA. This ensures the timely execution of marketing interventions.

We Provide Digital and Data Analytics Services For


What Our Customers Are Saying

This is good stuff! Love the analysis on VN. Let’s replicate this methodology for the rest. This should definitely give them a good working model of MIS which I doubt many do not have right now.

Gregory Tan
VP - Citibank

Congrats and thanks to entire Xerago team. The policy persistency model is live now and development was done with clinical precision. It has an accuracy of 95%.

Pankaj Pandey
Sr. VP – IDBI Federal​

Nicely done. The analysis is​ improving every week and even​ when I think it will not get any​ better​.

Head – ISN Reporting - Intel​​

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    Digital and Data Analytics is one of the key aspects of marketing transformation in a Marketing CoE.

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