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Enhancing Advocacy among Developers


The client operates predominantly in the B2B space, manufacturing semiconductors for PCs, but the key influencers of growth are end users. Using ingredient marketing approach, our client was able to achieve high brand recall and awareness amongst the end user community thus influencing purchase decisions.


The client wanted to determine advocacy of its Development Zone portal among the developer community. As part of Digital Presence Management,Xerago was managing community discussions in the developer portal. The client wanted to drive advocacy on the developer community.


Xerago analyzed the requirements and the site visitor behavior and identified that for measuring IDZ advocacy quantitative, customer satisfaction and loyalty metric was required. Xerago used the Net Promoter Score method for calculating the portal advocacy using a single metric.

We decided to administer the NPS through surveys to the IDZ users and use the feedback to gain insights about the portal advocacy and overall site satisfaction.

We worked with the client’s Business Intelligence Team to design the logic and tone of the survey and performed extensive user acceptance testing of the survey across the eight languages and fine-tuned the survey questions before going live.

We studied the users’ online behavior, login recency and community and forum contribution frequency and created a database of active IDZ users to dispense the surveys. Site navigation was simplified significantly and site overheads underwent drastic cuts and Software Support Documentation was overhauled from the ground up to appeal to the users’ sensibilities


  • Overall less negative NPS was recorded
  • Based on feedback received on survey, the client shortened times and increased frequency of distribution and quick redressal of grievances resulting in overall increase in advocacy among developers
  • Post implementation of feedback, information in developer zone became available much more consistently than ever before