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Case Summary


Provide personalized experiences to portal subscribers

People Deployed

Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, Technical Consultant, Campaign Managers, Quality Analysts, Database Architect, Software Engineers

Processes Deployed

Campaign Briefing Process, Campaign Design Process, Segmentation Process, Task Handover Process, Contact Policy Setup, SystemSystem Handoff Process, System-Human Handoff Process, Lead Distribution Process, Quality Assurance Process

Technologies Used

IBM Campaign, IBM eMessage, IBM Interact, IBM SPSS, IBM Cognos

Background is hailed as the Most Trusted Matrimony Brand avialble, combining tradition and technology. A network of 15 regional portals and over 3 Crore members, Matrimony has found a place in the Limca Book of Records for facilitating a record number of marriages. Matrimony has been recognized as the Best Matrimony Website 2007 by PC WORLD for technology and performance and is also listed in NASSCOM's Top 100 IT Innovators.

Challenge wanted to deliver a personalized and near-real time experience to its subscribers. Faced with an ever-increasing amount of data to sort, generate, analyze and match from its 350 micro websites frequented by over three million subscribers, needed a reliable and scalable analytics platform to support several petabytes of data and deliver a nearreal-time responsiveness.


As part of Xerago's MarTech Management Services, Xerago studied Matrimony's marketing approach and suggested a fundamental change - keep the customer at the center of the operations and maximize value from marketing efforts. Xerago realized that deploying the Enterprise Marketing Management software would help achieve this objective and would result in an innovative way to market's services rather than just connect the dots.

Xerago helped identify IBM EMM as the right solution among various options . IBM EMM helps brands optimize cross-channel campaign efforts and engage its audience in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social, mobile and traditional marketing channels.

To facilitate cross-channel, multi-wave marketing campaigns and improved campaign targeting and relevance, Xerago implemented the IBM Campaign. IBM eMessage was deployed to extend IBM Campaign's capabilities to email and other outbound digital campaigns so they could create, preview, test, execute, and track messages. In order to provide real-time personalized experience for customers interacting with websites, call centers and other inbound marketing channels, Xerago implemented IBM Interact. IBM SPSS was deployed to predict customer behavior and make smart decisions to solve problems and improve outcomes. To help gain business intelligence insights and make better business decisions, Xerago integrated IBM Cognos with the above IBM modules.

Overall, the solution was able to address's global and diverse customer base with relevant and personalized messaging based on memberinteraction history. Customer data was captured from multiple channels such as email, SMS, banner ads (across the website), telesales and retail centers, and was used by the various stakeholders in the company's management, sales and marketing teams to assist in decision making.


As a result of our efforts, is now able to drive targeted marketing campaigns to the right subscriber, at the right time and improve personalization for greater customer satisfaction. Customer experience on the portal also saw a significant lift as was delivering 1:1 personalization to its 8000+ subscribers that visit their portal every day.

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