Citi regional APAC team was formed to centralise Citibank's Lead acquisition activities by suggesting best practices & adapt well-performing campaigns to other markets.

The client is the consumer division of financial services of a multinational banking group.The bank has 2,649 branches in 19 countries, including 723 branches in the United States and 1,494 branches in Mexico

  • The bank's regional team was unable to understand the effectiveness of country media campaigns and had to rely only on 3rd party agencies for conversion numbers.
  • The bank was unable to understand effective touchpoints in their online Portals - and thereby was unable to provide customers with the right experience
  • IUnable to identify best practices on their application Forms. they had irregular conversion rates and had to struggle with the inconsistency.


  • Xerago built Marketing Channels within Adobe Analytics with proper nomenclature to understand individual campaign effectiveness and by smart grouping. For instance, Setup was able to identify the different campaigns on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Line etc and group them under Paid Social Media. Thus by tracking channels and individual campaigns, Xerago was able to implement external tracking within Adobe Analytics to compare these numbers against numbers from Campaign agencies. Typical metrics include Impressions, Clicks and Leads (Conversion). Now, the regional team was able to view external campaigns and their performances by way of analytics.
  • Xerago built Touch point tracking for all the important touchpoints on the Web portal. This exposed the best touch points in the portal that could be used for Acquisition Campaigns. Over a time period, Xerago was able to advice the bank on their benchmark for every location so that if the results of any of the campaigns was lesser than the benchmark, the campaigns would be switched. Xerago was also able to track various touchpoints to create a database on the campaigns over time which was of great value to the client.
  • Xerago was able to tag all the form pages to identify Lead origination, Lead Submission, Lead Completion and Lead Rejecton along with Form Abandonment rates.



  • The client was able to understand their segregation in terms of Paid & Organic marketing campaigns and also by marketing channels. The client was able to validate Adobe Analytics numbers against 3rd party Agency numbers for compliance.They could wisely invest their costs & efforts on more efficient channels rather than pushing equally on all channels.
  • The client was able to understand the effectiveness of touch points and create benchmarks for their touch points in terms of Click Through Rates and Conversion.
  • The client was able to increase their lead form conversion from 3% (Avg) to 11% (good) within few weeks for some key markets.

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