"The client had gone through a re-branding exercise and wanted to ensure that the new branding, positioning and Line of Communication was carried over to their site. As part of the re-branding, the client wanted to showcase their new portfolio of offerings, drive the benefits of online purchase to its target audience and influence demand generation "

The client is a financial and investment service provider in India which has 885 branches across the country.

"Xerago realized that simple re-branding by adapting existing content would not suffice. A complete reorganization of content, information and communication was required. Only then would there be a focus on the company's new offerings that could now be purchased online Xerago worked with the client to identify its target segments and to understand the various stakeholders’ needs and goals. "


"Based on this Xerago was able to map typical users’ behaviors and create a site information architecture that would cater to all sensibilities. The content and all the information elements into logical groups to create an intuitive navigation flow, reducing clutter and improving overall readability. Xerago optimized all the homepage elements and incorporated a static homepage showcase banner that would resonate with the target audience. Color schemes, borders and iconography were made consistent with brand guidelines. The work area below the banner was sectioned into five discrete parts. Each section displayed a few highlights of the respective plan, followed by a call to action – to either learn more or buy. Product information pages were accessible through either the top level tabs or the call to action sections in the work area below it. The banners that topped the various Product pages were created keeping in mind the target audiences and their sensibilities. Text copy emphasized the products’ key benefits and features, clearly conveying the intended value proposition. Optimized the text copy across all peripheral pages such as the contact, post login and post registration pages, grievance redressal information and other interstitial pages. Apart from this, Xerago also optimized the insurance purchase web form designs on the Client's website. "


"Xerago was able to align website as per the client’s new design guidelines. The newly revamped site recorded a steady increase in traffic inflow and leads. Consequently the client has reported a decrease in customers exiting the site without making a purchase "

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