With the help of Unica Campaign and eMessage, Xerago helped a Canada based premium loyalty organization scale up their marketing programs, gaining a 100% lift in marketing velocity in 6 months.

The client is a global data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It owns and operates Air Miles Middle East loyalty program and also own stakes in other loyalty programs, such as Club Premier in Mexico and Think Big, a partnership with AirAsia and Tune Group.


  • The client wanted to build marketing velocity but could only execute half of the intended 500 campaigns per year, severely limiting customer contact and responses
  • The process was largely manual with huge overheads and the data stack was diverse with large and complex data sets that made traditional data processing difficult resulting in campaign development delays
  • The offer to channel mapping process was also error-prone further slowing down campaign velocity.


  • Xerago created a unified system that automatically collected data from various sources and automated the Backend Bonusing process by deploying predefined rules to automatically credit collectors accounts with BEB points
  • Xerago built a custom offer module that would store the thousands of offers from client's partners and be available for Unica Campaign. This helped integrate customer to offer mapping as part of a regular campaign development workflow.
  • Xerago also automated the entire campaign development and management processes by building standard campaign templates.
  • Xerago also set up systems to measure campaign-wise channel-specific metrics for campaign efficiency and effectiveness using Oracle CRM & Unica Campaign systems to measure campaign responses, learn customer response behavior and implement the same on future campaigns using Business Objects
  • Campaign repository to mine campaign response data to create response prediction models and scorecards in the future using Unica Model


  • Execute the targetted number of campaigns marked on the campaign calendar with zero increase in headcount
  • In a span of 6 months, the client has achieved over 100% lift in marketing velocity.
  • Reduced campaign dependency from 17 to just 3 teams
  • 2X improvement in campaign effectiveness
  • Further, the benefits of automation and streamlined process flows resulted in significant efficiency lifts.

In a span of 6 months LMG acheived over 100% lift in marketing velocity. Further the benefits of automation and streamlined process flows resulted in signficant efficiency lifts.


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