Xerago helped a leading institute of technology in India achieve 100% targets on all courses, 100% transparency on money spent and leads acquired, as well as a 14% reduction in costs on specific course applicant aquisition.

Transparency On Money Spent Leads Acquired

The institution hired Xerago to help them in acquiring large number of applicants for their courses.

The client is a nationally recognised educational institute that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis


The institute's sole challenge was acquiring applicants for the top courses offered. Some of the constraints faced during the process were...
  • Limited budget and time for acquiring the targeted number of applicants.
  • Unavailability of historical campaign performance due to non-standardized campaign execution by previous agency.


Xerago started this assignment by customizing Google Analytics tracking code on pages and Call-to- action buttons were tagged with the same. In order to reach the application target, Xerago developed and executed digital campaigns and during the process, made it imperative that best practices were implemented for executing campaigns that included creation of separate ad groups for each course for which applications were targeted. A