Xerago turned around a major Indian bank's marketing programs in record time to deliver a 200% increase in marketing velocity and a 30% incremental activation rate.

Streamlining Increases Marketing Velocity

"The client is a leading Indian provider of financial services who is also one of India’s largest banks by market capitalization and by assets it serves more than 50 million customers offering a variety of banking services."


The bank's success and rapid growth led to the constant introduction of a varied set of product and service lines. It was looking to market its growing products & services to leverage its customer base to optimize returns and bottom line revenue, and increase customer profitability through deeper, stronger customer relationships. The bank was running around 100 campaigns annually on the existing base of 30 Million customers. The number of campaigns was highly insufficient and failed to evoke sufficient returns from base marketing and CRM efforts. Considering the multiple formats and variety of data across a plethora of systems that housed transactional product data, the data warehouse and operational CRM systems like Talisma the IT Team was manually generating the data required for the campaigns.


Xerago was selected as the marketing partner to identify the right platform, drive the implementation and streamline campaign development and management. Xerago analyzed the bank’s marketing environment and found out that a central, automated process was required to access data across systems as well as plan, design, test, optimize and execute marketing efforts across channels including direct mail, email, SMS and call ce