Xerago helped an international, non-profit organization with project status tracking, transparency, remuneration and reporting requirements.

An international, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1976 by Linda and Millard Fuller was facing difficulty in streamlining the process of project creation, approval, management and reporting.


The organisation's sanitation and housing unit projects are dotted across India and new projects are being undertaken on a continuous basis. Due to the remote locations, they were challenged with regards to providing tracking visibility and management of the projects. Xerago was approached to provide a solution for the same. A solution would involve a proprietary web based application working in tandem with a native Android mobile device app to greatly streamline the process of project creation, approval, management and reporting.


Xerago began by identifying the key stakeholders involved across all stages of a their project and building personas for each of the stakeholders to understand their specific wants and needs with respect to the solution. Xerago then identified multiple project stages that could be streamlined digitally such as the registering the beneficiaries, approvals at each stage, project completeness verifications etc. By using a heuristic evaluation approach to design the mobile app’s information architecture that enabled navigability and ease of process completion. The wireframes were then turned into a prototype of the app for testing. Active field personnel were asked to carry out scenarios on the app. Feedback was video recorded and areas of friction were identified for further refinement. The web application was developed with more emphasis on managerial functions such as project assignment and reporting. Xerago recreated the full-fledged applications for use by the client. Decision makers at the organisation's headquarters could create and assign projects on the web interface which would be updated on the field personnel’s’ mobile device via the app. Photographic proofs of the beneficiaries, IDs, location and signup forms could be captured quickly and easily and uploaded by the mobile app to the web application for review and approval. Following project commencement, proof of completion at each stage could also be captured by photo, video or audio and easily uploaded for quick approvals. Simple to understand usage guides were also incorporated within the app in both English and Hindi.


Xerago’s solution greatly benefitted the organisation by functioning as a single platform for reconciling its tracking, transparency, remuneration and reporting requirements. The reliance on manual field work was greatly reduced allowing quick turnaround times and a greater level of project control.

The web application utilized a PHP backend with HTML and CSS front ends while the Android application was developed using Java and Android studio. Web – Mobile app communication was achieved through a PHP web service.


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