Maximize Revenue Automatic Lead Distribution

Xerago helped one of the world's biggest matrimonial websites maximize revenue through an automatic lead distribution algorithm, raising average daily conversions from 80 to 135.

The client is an online matrimony service company which is one of biggest Matrimony sites in India. The company has 130 offices in India, with offices in Dubai, Sri Lanka, United States and Malaysia to cater to its customers beyond India.


  • Only one Outbound channel – Call Center
  • Lacking to automate the lead routing to assign leads to Tele-sales Executives
  • Poor efficiency and low calling rate which impacted the conversion


  • Xerago reviewed’s call center processes, current marketing infra and surround systems and identified that a simple IBM Campaign integration with the call center would not be sufficient
  • Created an algorithm for automatic rule-based lead distribution to Tele-sales Executives as below

    - Equal Distribution Logic: When there was more number of customers to be contacted, the leads were automatically assigned to the Tele-sales Executives on an equal distribution model, based on the number of leads and number of Telesales Executives available.

    - Domain-based distribution Logic: The algorithm would identify the leads’ State / City, map it to the language(s) spoken in the State and automatically assigns the leads to Tele-sales Executives who can speak in those language(s).

    - Vintage based distribution Logic: All free subscribers that were in the lead bucket for more than a specified period of time was automatically assigned to Tele-sales Executives with specific skills

  • Algorithm performance was improved by writing the stored procedures in DB2