Addressed Poor Traffic Public Listed Company

Xerago successfully addressed issues around poor traffic to key pages of the website for a major public-listed company with global presence.

The largest bank in the world, with presence across the globe is our existing client. This major banking player was unable to equate their digital marketing spends to revenues generated through their paid channel. This imbalance put a significant strain on their finances. The Bank is technology-focused and emphasizes the development of financial capabilities to serve its clients spread across the globe.


The bank was facing inflated bounce rate percentage which were highly disproportional to their digital marketing spends. This had both a commercial impact (higher bounce rate Vs higher digital marketing spend) and the numbers reported were not accurate.


Xerago's Web analytics division conducted audits and revisited every page on the client’s site to understand their inventory and increase the visibility for credit card entry from home page. Touch Points were added based on customer activity map to route the Customers to the desired product. Xerago created various pre & post login dashboards for website and mobile app (Adobe Analytics & Excel based) on daily, weekly and monthly basis to understand the user flows & behavior. Xerago implemented various level checks for remarketing