Manager – Demand Generation (US)

Manager – Demand Generation (US)

Posted 3 years ago

Job Snapshot

San Francisco Bay Area (Foster City / San Mateo)


Full-time Employment


Fixed and variable compensation and full health benefits


Managerial, managing 3 member offshore team




Revolutionary platform and service needs revolutionaries to change the world

Reports to

Head of Sales

About the role

Xerago seeks a hands-on, results-focused, highly prospect-empathetic Demand Generation Manager to join our team. This position operates at the intersection of marketing and sales. The ideal person would be able to

  • Relate to the prospect’s challenges
  • Craft stories and pitches that grab prospects’ attention and
  • Execute demand generation programs using campaign management / marketing automation tools to create engagement, deepen relationship and deliver marketing-qualified leads.

The ideal person needs to be able to demonstrate a consistent capacity to put themselves in the prospects’ shoes (CXOs), craft and produce compelling content that gets attention and influences prospect engagement, and results in marketing-qualified leads of prospects that want to buy Xerago Platform / Services. This person understands the value of content in the purchase journey and can share great examples of how they successfully earned attention, nurtured and qualified leads. This role works closely with the Sales team to pass on qualified leads to Sales, to populate the sales pipeline with high quality prospects. This is a managerial role, managing a 3-member offshore Demand Generation team.

Lead generation
  • Identify prospects (CXOs of medium to large enterprises in specific industries)
  • Understand prospect motivations and needs
  • Create stories with attention-grabbing headlines and content, prospect journeys and value-added giveaways
  • Develop, execute and manage social / email campaigns specifically designed to generate new inbound leads
Campaign management
  • Regularly improve A/B test campaign elements and continually implement program improvements based on findings
  • Continually monitor and measure campaign results and implement strategies to improve future results and accelerate the buying cycle
Sales enablement
  • Research and write campaign and sales enablement materials such as prospect emails, talk tracks, etc. as required, to power the demand generation process
  • Seek feedback from the sales and operations teams to improve lead quality and better understand buyer decision-making considerations
  • Continually identify prospect needs and produce educational, timely and meaningful content for distribution via email campaigns, webinars, advertising, social media, website and other channels
  • Produce and manage content and messaging on social media and 1-1 marketing channels to ensure it is always timely and relevant
Data & Insights

Source data, lists, and analytics to optimize the prospect to customer conversion rate

Manage team

Manage the offshore team of 3 people (Content Writer, Campaign Manager, and Analyst) to ensure that their performance is upto standard and the overall team performance to meet set targets

Complete other duties as assigned.


The success of the role is measured using both leading and lagging metrics.

The primary goal (lag metric) of the role is to achieve:

  • Quantity and quality of inbound leads

The lead metrics to indicate the propensity to achieve the goal would be continuous growth in:

  • Unqualified target population
  • Content reach, readership and virality
  • Prospect size across the stages of the demand generation funnel
  • Quality of prospect engagement
  • Reduction in opt-outs
  • Growth and conversion (to inbound lead)
Skills, Qualifications and Experience
  • Approximately 5 years of experience developing and executing demand marketing programs across multiple channels
  • Expert in B2B sales cycle and how to identify opportunities to maximize demand creation, pipeline contribution and sales opportunity acceleration
  • Demonstrated ability to develop, execute, manage and measure demand generation campaigns, working with marketing automation / campaign management and CRM tools
  • Analytical mindset and experience pulling and reporting on campaign results using tools like Google Analytics
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and strong visual presentation skills to produce content for different buyer personas and industries
  • Deadline-driven, detail-focused project management skills
  • Should be collaborative, build relationships, work in multi-cultural, multi time-zone teams
  • Proactive and strong sense of urgency
  • A never-ending desire to try new and interesting strategies and tactics to improve processes and results
  • Self-driven, startup mindset and agility essential
  • Fixed pay per annum: $48 – 60,000 (depending on experience and competence)
  • Benefits: Generous health benefits coverage
  • Variable Pay per annum: Up to $30,000 personal target-linked and $10,000 organization-performance linked
  • Informal work culture, zero politics, meritocracy-driven, small team in the SF Bay Area, opportunity to work directly with business leaders. We do not discriminate against age, education, gender or ethnicity
  • We are looking for people who are influenced by the power of the vision and not the size of the office. If you want a big fancy office, please don’t apply and waste your time and ours. If you want to roll up your sleeves and rock your world and ours, please apply.

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