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Case Summary


Renew the existing digital portal to remove inconsistency and align with brand guidelines

People Deployed

Project Manager, Business Analyst, UX Designers, UI Developers, Software Developer, Content Management Executive, Quality Analysts, Functional Consultants

Processes Deployed

User Centred Design Process, Brand Guidelines Evaluation Process, Tracking Code Customization Process, Tagging Process, Quality Checklist, Template Utilization Process and Queue Management

Technologies Used

OpenText, HTML 5

Analytics Used

Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target


The client is the consumer division of financial services of a multinational banking group.The bank has 2,649 branches in 19 countries, including 723 branches in the United States and 1,494 branches in Mexico

"The bank was always committed to transforming financial services experiences by highlighting and supporting emerging technologies. They wanted to redesign Singapore Commercial Bank website to DDL guidelines. DDL was a set of new design guidelines which focuses on improving user experience based on current web standards."


Within a short span of time, Xerago helped the bank to redesign their Commercial Bank website and 'Client Knowledge Centre', a web portal that serves as an online database with organized information about its commercial banking products. The website has several hundreds of visitors every month; Xerago's challenge was to refine the site with clear and consistent designs without compromising the essential value that the pages already had. Some of the existing modules were neither supported nor adaptable to the new guidelines. Apart from this, we had to design, develop and launch the new site on the estimated date


Xerago performed an in-depth test prior to working on the redesign process. Xerago came up a customized website launch checklist to make sure all guidelines were covered. Important aspects such as page load time, broken links were evaluated with validation of contents, CSS and HTML

To meet the tough project schedules, Xerago came up with tight project plans and all the stakeholders in the program was called to define the project, scope, outcomes and deliverables to help ensure a successful outcome.

Brainstorming sessions were organized to understand the new guidelines by inviting Design, UI and Quality Assurance teams to get their engagement and support early on in the project. The client was provided with regular updates and demos of the pages that were built.

To maximize productivity, Xerago formed a Special Task Force. Overall improvements were done on the user experience by enhancing search functionality; introducing new features such as floating widgets and simplified video player

To ensure trackability of the new website, Xerago customized the tracking codes to leverage new tracking parameters released by the analytics tool vendor. Moreover, in order to ensure seamless calculation of portal yield, every bit of inventory in the portal were tagged resulting in value delivery across functions


Xerago successfully launched the redesigned website in estimated timelines. The New website looked more trendy with improved usability of the website; this resulted in bounce rate getting reduced by 9.1% in less than two months. With the first phase of the revamp done, individual markets in other countries requested Xerago to redesign their web pages. This gave a boost to their digital presence in the commercial banking space and this currently serves as the primary touch point of the bank to prospects

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