(Last Updated On: January 12, 2023)

For more than 125 years, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been engaged in revolutionizing India’s development journey. As part of its transformational initiatives, the CII holds several prestigious events and conferences globally. This year, the CII Southern Zone of CII TechNext hosted a first-of-its-kind event in Chennai focused exclusively on demystifying Web 3.0 technologies.

Xerago was a proud Web 3.0 experience partner of CII TechNext 2022. We were on a mission to help CII TechNext actualize its vision of demystifying the decentralized Internet of the future. For businesses. With five exclusive tracks, the event mapped the key trends and technologies that define Web 3.0, including Metaverse, NFT, AI, Blockchain, and Cyber Security.

We cherrypicked expert speakers from all over the world to enlighten audiences with discourses and interactive sessions about the different facets of Web 3.0. The speakers were not just adopters of Web 3.0. They were actual creators.

Additionally, experience centers, live boot camps, and self-learning kiosks were also set up to make audiences part of the Web 3.0 world. All in all, the entire event made Web 3.0 real and accessible so that audiences could have a hands-on, interactive, and immersive experience like never before.

Event Highlights

Here are some electrifying highlights of the event that Xerago powered up as a Web 3.0 experience partner of CII TechNext:

1. Pre-Event Curtain Raiser with A Futurist Glimpse of How Life is Likely to Be Shaped by Web 3.0 Technologies in 2030

Our CEO and founder Ganesh Mandalam kick-started the event with a keynote address of how Web 3.0 is poised to transform human lives and businesses for good.

Ganesh demonstrated how changes pioneered by the "cutting-edge" technologies of today – Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, Web 3.0, and more—are poised to become commonplace tomorrow!

This vision premiered at the CII TechNext - Future of Web 3.0 event and won appreciation for its bootstrapped style and its prescient ability. Here’s a rustic view of a Chennai techie nerd as he navigates an eventful day in his life in 2030.

2. Live Experience Centers to Explore Web 3.0 Space

Web 3.0 is an uncharted frontier with too many moving pieces. The greatest challenge is understanding how all the different technologies culminate to define an evolving Web 3.0 landscape. Thus, we set up exclusive live experience centers to help audiences understand the various aspects of Web 3.0 and also get a hands-on overview of how Web 3.0 technologies can transform businesses.

Audiences stepped into each of the following experience centers to get a sneak peek into the power of Web 3.0 in real-life scenarios:

  • Web 3.0 Self Learning: We created and hosted short videos on key Web 3.0 elements with an aim to educate audience.

  • Crypto Wallet Setup: We facilitated people to create their own crypto wallet on Metamask so that they can start trading NFTs

  • Play with AI: We made the Stable Diffusion accessible to the event attendees to give them a first-hand experience of how to create images by providing text prompts

  • NFT Purchase: We auctioned the NFT series that we exclusively created for TechNext event and helped event attendees buy and mint them.

  • Metaverse Avatar Creation: We helped event attendees get their first-ever avatar created and guided them to enter and navigate the Somnium Space with their newly created avatar.

3. Interactive and Live Demonstration Session - How to Create an Artwork Using AI and Monetize it?

We all know that AI is an omnipotent technology that augments several marketing and technology functions. However, the contribution of AI in the creative and communication functions was near zero.

There was a lot of talk about how AI could augment the creative function, but less action. However, with due diligence, the action came to sentience.

Xerago demonstrated a real-time use case of AI’s potency for the creative generation process in Web 3.0. We showcased how AI can create an exceptional artwork based on humorous textual prompts and transformed it into a ready for sale NFT. A double jackpot – with ideation and execution hit in one shot.

We took the audience on an exciting step-by-step journey of transforming words into mesmerizing AI-generated art, and we watched a machine bring an idea to life in a matter of seconds.

And audiences were gushing with enthusiasm as they watched a magical transformation of words into artwork unfold in front of their eyes. Not just that, we also demonstrated how the generated artwork was converted to an NFT and pushed for purchase in an NFT marketplace.

It was a perfect blend of humor, creativity, technology, and business opportunity. And, best of all it had audiences in complete rapture wondering how AI could be a powerful catalyst for creativity in Web 3.0.

4. Xerago creates an NFT for Tamil Nadu. First state in India to own NFT.

In a first for any state, Tamil Nadu has its own AI-generated NFT. Thanks to Xerago, we created an exclusive video NFT titled Netru, Indru, Naalai (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) aptly showcasing the state’s past, present, and future.

The video NFT representing Tamil culture transcending time was generated entirely by AI (Stable Diffusion) and imagined by a panel of creative experts in Xerago.

We were absolutely honored to have the NFT launched by the state IT minister, Mano Thangaraj, at the CII TechNext event.

We are even more thrilled by the Honorable Chief Minister, MK Stalin's gesture to acknowledge the NFT created.

CM NFT Acknowledgement

5. A Gallery of NFT for Sale – A Stupendous Response

As part of the event, we generated a variety of NFTs representing Tamil culture and artwork. The NFTs became a huge hit, as almost 75% of them were sold out within the first few hours of launch. We were thrilled by the enthusiasm shown by the event delegates in wanting to own one or a few parts of the exclusive NFT series that we had created for the event.

Similar to the video NFT for the Tamil Nadu Government, all of these NFTs were created using Stable Diffusion.

Here are some of the NFTs that we created for the event, here.

View the complete collection of the NFTs here.

Summing up

In essence, the CII TechNext event, powered by Xerago as its experience partner, was nothing short of a trailblazer. The global speakers, immersive experiences, and hands-on support made this event go beyond blitz and glitz to make it all happen. We are glad that it garnered such an amazing response and look forward to being a part of such path-breaking events in the future.