(Last Updated On: April 27, 2022)

ibm-upgradeIn today’s digital age, engaging with a customer at the point of his need, at the right time and at the right place is the differentiator on a vast playing field where there are hundreds of players selling similar products across diverse locations and channels.

But understanding and knowing a customer, knowing what he wants, and trying to meet that requirement takes some doing. And only when you truly know each customer as an individual, will you be able to market to him.

Which is where the IBM Campaign – a sophisticated omnichannel campaign management solution comes in.

IBM Campaign empowers marketers, through a unified suite of offerings, to optimize their customer engagements with relevant and timely messages that help to build brand loyalty and drive customer conversions across multiple channels.

Given that IBM has come out with the latest version 10.0, it’s time we addressed the obvious question: Is it worth investing time and effort – not to mention the costs associated with it?

We will come to that in a while.

But before that, let’s look at the advantages of running campaigns using IBM Unica campaign management suite

  • More powerful real-time, decision-making capabilities.
  • More privacy-sensitive collection and sharing of digital behavior data.
  • Great user interface.
  • Greater ability to analyze marketing results to guide future marketing efforts.
  • Ability to build effective and on-going customer communications and dialogue.
  • Ability to pull together targeting, analytics planning and optimization into a single place.
  • Helps develop advanced marketing capabilities across business.

It goes without saying that IBM Campaign is one of the best tools in the market for running multi wave, multi-channel campaigns.

But does the latest version offer significant improvements over the previous versions?

Let’s find out.

As far as UX is concerned, the current versions (8.6.x, 9.0.x, or 9.1.x) do not provide seamless, consistent and user friendly integration between the various products of the IMS suite. The competition scores when it comes to a unified and intuitive user experience.

Below is a sample screenshot:


In this upgrade, IBM addresses these issues by upgrading the user interface and common experience patterns which enables the users to save time by using common tools and widgets, consistent presentation of common functions, search results, and data grids.

Another big upgrade is the integration of IBM Engage in the marketing cloud.

The current versions of IBM campaign are not integrated with the Marketing Cloud solutions. This hampered the smooth data flow between different modules of EMM Suite.


Following changes are effected in the version 10.0 –

  • A native API integration has been established to send contact lists created in IBM Campaign to IBM Engage.
  • Marketers have the ability to be able to send emails, SMS, and PUSH notifications direct from the Campaign flowchart.
  • The integration is quite simple to configure.
  • IBM Marketing Solutions’ customers will benefit from a true Omnichannel approach, leveraging new digital channels seamlessly.

The third major upgrade is the integration of IBM Campaign with the Journey Designer.

A snapshot of Journey Designer window -


Through this feature, marketers will be able to link interactions on a storyboard in Journey Designer to a running Campaign.

This serves two major benefits:

  • Meaningful integration of online and offline channels for a unified customer experience.
  • A single stop for marketers to easily design, and execute all strategies associated with their journeys.

The fourth upgrade is the introduction of an advanced search option.

This feature allows users to find objects in a flowchart or across flowcharts (from Campaigns / Sessions), custom macros, derived fields, tables and fields.

Why is it needed?

Well, the flowchart configuration information is stored in a binary .ses file, which cannot be searched. Adding to that, there could be hundreds of such flowcharts.

A snapshot of advanced search is as follows -


Using the advanced search option, the user can easily identify and navigate to all the flowcharts when an object needs to be changed. It also saves time and resources by reviewing flowcharts that do not contain any information.

Apart from these, IBM has fixed a lot of bugs and errors in the latest version.

All in all, V 10.0 is a significant upgrade from its predecessors with multiple enhancements to solution usability, performance and smooth integration with other IBM products.

So, the answer to your question: Yes, you can definitely consider upgrading your system to V 10.0. IBM has packed enough punches to get the best results.

We will be covering more of IBM Campaign’s functionalities in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned!