(Last Updated On: May 2, 2022)

Often considered the strongest in Asia, this Singaporean Bank pushes the envelope on their Digital-first approach. Partnering with this bank, we have been able to create some magical moments for them and experienced some highly challenging times too.


You’d think there was no quick and easy way to increase the number of CTA clicks on a banner!

But just a few small tweaks did the trick!

On one such occasion, the bank had a banner showcase on their home page – in web parlance, this is usually known as a “Hero Banner” as this occupies center-stage status.

Typically, this much sought-after real estate brings in significant leads to the product teams.


However, for the past few months, customers seemed to be glossing over the banners – it’s not that customers were missing the banner itself, they just weren’t clicking it (Impression numbers were quite decent).

Naturally, this led to questions on the banner-efficiency, and we had various suggestions from the Bank product teams – you could tell that the marketing teams were under pressure!

Now, if the client’s marketing teams were under pressure, we are under pressure too – a situation we would rather not be in. So, we had to come up with some quick but effective method(s) that would ensure customer interaction got higher on the banners.

This was a task cut out for our Digital Marketing Team. Remember these were a series of rolling banners (Savings Accounts, Wealth Management, Treasury and Private Banking, and so on).

We analyzed the bank’s data using Adobe Analytics (we have a decade-old partnership with Adobe, IBM and a few other enterprise-class Marketing Technology platforms).

The numbers looked like this:


Adobe Analytics dashboard (numbers have been masked to protect client privacy).


While the numbers told us what was happening, they still didn’t address the why. So, we also roped in our creative experts who approached this from a user experience angle.

Our final recommendation was quite simple, but ingenious, if we can say so ourselves!

There was a small CTA button below the banner – that is what visitors are supposed to click. But what if, (just what if) we made the entire banner clickable instead?

Effectively now, the whole banner was a clickable CTA. The illustration below explains this:


After this change, the Hero banner looked like this (not actual image):

Clickable Banner

It works, yaay!

The next story in our series of “Small Tweaks, Big results” is a tad different. It showcases the power of fixing the customer journey that would eventually result in a 26% increase in leads.