(Last Updated On: May 2, 2022)

Continuing our series on how just small tweaks can have a significant impact on your efforts …

They say that Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.

Those words turned out to be prophetic as the world witnessed a pandemic that truly re-defined everything in our lives, right from the way we run our families to the way we even breathe!

In such difficult times, it was only natural for us to look out for each other and our customers.

And where we could save a dollar for our customer, we would.


When a large Bank wanted to increase traffic to their website, we made some small tweaks - and they had a huge impact.

So, when this large bank wanted to boost Organic traffic on their website, we discussed various possible ways of doing that -

  1. Improve user experience across their entire site.
  2. Optimize the website for voice search given that voice search was increasing.
  3. Invite Guest bloggers and leading industry. experts.
  4. Create more robust backlinks to improve scores.
  5. Write fresh, longer content that would be featured and so on.

As interesting and feasible as these ideas were, we felt performing small tweaks consistently would lead to big results and this could also save valuable marketing dollars for our customer.

With this mantra in mind, our Digital Marketing consultants suggested we could first clean the current portal (around 400 pages) and fix what was broken instead of launching any new/major initiative.

One of the areas we focused on was to improve the website’s Domain Authority / Page Authority.

Though this may not directly be in Google’s set of recommendations we know, with all things being equal, the DA ranking does contribute positively to organic traffic increase.

DA ranking

Some key success metrics we were able to observe were:

Site Health Score moved from 48 to 82


15% growth in natural visits (un-paid) in June 2020


Unique Visitors increase

Unique visitors increased during month of June 2020. We observed this was 38% higher than the visitor % in February 2020 and 18% higher when compared to May 2020.


Lead Conversion increase

Lead conversions increased by about 15% for the year 2020 compared to previous year.


While it was satisfying to see that our efforts had paid off well across various metrics, we secretly sent a word of thanks to Ole Kirk and his unbelievable tenacity!

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