(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

The Rub-el-Hizb, known as the Islamic star, forms the cross-section of what was the world’s tallest towers till 2004. Since 2005, that honor goes to the Taipei 101.

The Petronas Towers, also called the Twin Towers, took just six years to build, which is not a small achievement, considering they stand at 452 meters. The Twin towers has around 140,000 square meters of shopping, featuring international and local brands.

As one walks a short distance from the Petronas towers, a banking giant has built its own tower as well, albeit a smaller one. And this forms the venue for our current story, in our series on how small tweaks can bring big results to a business.

Credit cards are a very profitable business line for any bank, if run well. Conversely, they can also be a big loss-making product, if things go wrong.

With the spotlight on Credit cards, our team was asked to ensure quality of traffic was high which would also result in higher conversions. Not that they were losing traffic, but they certainly had more to gain.

Our Digital Marketing Team, which had faced a similar challenge with another customer in India, wanted to see what the data had to reveal.

So, we did a complete deep-dive using Adobe Analytics. We saw a few key metrics that could be improved.


These were Pre-Covid times, so the teams were divided between Malaysia, Singapore and India, with a few consultants flying in at short notice.

We focused on two main aspects keeping in mind the TAT was to be short -

  1. On-Page optimization
  2. Technical fixes on the credit cards section that could be implemented quickly.

On-Page optimization again involved tasks such as

  1. Changing the URL structure – URLs were changed by adding keywords to them.
  2. Utilization of Meta tags – Using targeted keywords in the meta tags used.
  3. Tag Management - Changed Headers, Schema tags, Page tags and so on.

Technical fixes involved activities such as

  1. Fixing page speeds to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Doing sanity checks on Breadcrumbs
  3. Fixing Broken Links
  4. Truncating old pages that were no longer necessary

Once we did all these fixes on the 400-odd page website (we did not restrict some of these changes to credit cards alone) and published them, we went back to see what the data was telling us.

What was saw was encouraging on a variety of metrics.


We also did a site Health check -


The performance of Keywords was one more thing we were concerned about. This is what we saw:

Keywords MSV Dec’20 Apr’21
Credit card apply online 1300 5 4
Apply for credit card 720 6 5
Balance transfer credit cards 480 10 9
Credit cards with cash back 190 6 5
Travel credit cards 170 48 44
Malaysia Travel credit card 410 14 11


  • The number of crawled pages has increased compared to previous 7 months.
  • The ranking of user intent keyword like “travel credit card” has improved compared to Dec 2020.
  • Health score moved up by 5 points.
  • By fixing broken links, the number of 404 Crawl data reduced by 40%
  • By removing the expired pages, the number of valid indexed pages moved by a 100 points.

The general ‘big picture’ observations were quite interesting too.

In summary, there was excellent improvement across key metrics that we could show by way of these small changes.

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The Small tweaks - Big results story continues!

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