(Last Updated On: September 28, 2021)

IBM Unica Enterprise Marketing Management SuiteMarketing today involves juggling multiple tasks at once. IBM Unica Enterprise Marketing Management tools helps maximize results from multiple activities

The IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Suite is an end-to-end, integrated set of capabilities designed exclusively for the needs of marketing and related organizations.

IBM Unica EMM suite helps facilitate

  • More powerful real-time, decision-making capabilities
  • More privacy-sensitive collection and sharing of digital behavior data
  • Improved user interface
  • Greater ability to analyze marketing results to guide future marketing efforts
  • Build effective and on-going customer communications and dialogue
  • Pull together targeting, analytics planning and optimization into a single place
  • Develop advanced marketing capabilities across business

IBM Unica Enterprise Marketing Management Suite includes the following offerings

  • Unica Campaign
  • Unica Interact
  • Unica Net Insight
  • Unica Marketing Operations
  • Unica Detect
  • Unica Leads
  • Unica Customer Insight
  • Unica Predictive Insight
  • Unica Distributed Marketing
  • Unica Optimize












Unica Campaign

With Unica Campaign Management, marketers can plan, design, execute, measure and analyze multi-wave, cross-channel and highly personalized marketing campaigns. IBM Unica campaign allows us to present specific target offers to the customers through right channels.

Key Highlights:

  • Reduce campaign cycle time and time-to-market and increase campaign volumes.
  • Reduce costs of marketing campaigns.
  • Improve response rates and business results by increasing the precision of campaign targeting.
  • Deepen customer relationships, loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Enable cross-channel marketing by using centralized decisioning.

Unica Interact:

IBM Unica Interact determines the right message to present in inbound marketing channels—in real time. IBM Unica Interact enables to personalize the experience of customers interacting with websites, call centers and other inbound marketing channels in real time. IBM Unica Interact uses powerful, behavioral targeting analytics and marketer-defined business logic to deliver the optimal marketing message in each channel.

Key Highlights:

  • Increase response rates in inbound channels
  • Improve each customer’s experience by personalizing their interaction with company
  • With IBM Campaign, maintain a consistent dialogue with customers across all channels
  • Achieve better overall marketing result
  • Combined with IBM Campaign, it enables inbound and outbound marketing to be coordinated into a single strategy for building customer relationships, using a single technology platform.

Unica eMessage

IBM Unica eMessage ensure messages are delivered to your intended recipients and customers with a full range of inbox delivery and content optimization reports.

IBM Unica eMessage is one of the easiest to use, advanced-featured email solutions. Used in combination with IBM Unica eMessage offers a solution to create, preview, and test email, mobile messaging and landing page campaigns. IBM Unica eMessage can extend IBM Unica Campaign’s best-in-class campaign management capabilities to deliver more effective stand-alone and cross-channel campaigns. IBM Unica eMessage delivers more effective stand-alone campaigns, as well as integrating email and mobile into cross channel marketing strategies .

Key Highlights:

  • Use of customer data for segmentation, targeting, personalization and event-triggering
  • Snapshot rendering available across more than three dozen email platforms
  • Content creation and management
  • Reporting and analysis to ensure messages get delivered to recipient inboxes and look the way intended

Unica Detect:

IBM Unica Detect can build effective, event based marketing programs quickly and with minimal effort, boosting cross-selling and retention rates and improving on-boarding programs. It also identifies accurate, timely indications of when customers are most receptive to offers. IBM Detect provides a complete set of event-based marketing capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Increase response rates and results from marketing efforts
  • Detect downward purchasing trends; act quickly to avoid losing customer value
  • Identify product interest and cross-sell opportunities
  • Recognize immediately when customers are losing interest and engage to rebuild loyalty
  • Scale event-based marketing efforts massively
  • Put new event-based marketing programs into action quickly

Unica Optimize:

IBM Unica Optimize can determine the optimal contact strategy over time for each customer or prospect. Unica Optimize looks across scheduled communications and balances marketing goals with corporate objectives and constraints to ensure the optimal message is delivered at the optimal time.

Unica Optimize offers a rich set of contact optimization capabilities. Unica Optimizes contact optimization process works as follows:

1. Create campaigns and indicate the proposed contacts wish to include in each campaign.

2. Constraints, preferences, and business rules such as the marketing budget, and limits on what offers can be combined together

3. Each optimization process is given a specific business goal or objective, such as maximizing profit or response.

4. Unica Optimize’s patented algorithm factors in the constraints and goals, and also makes use of scores, contact history, and other data to determine the optimal message or offer for each contact.

5. An optimized contact list is outputted for each campaign and made ready for final execution of the campaigns.

Key Highlights:

  • Deliver more relevant offers and minimize contact fatigue
  • More customer-centric experiences; increase profitability
  • Lower costs by eliminating wasted and counterproductive communications
  • Improve outcome from existing campaigns

IBM Leads

IBM leads deliver quality, timely leads that improve close rates and increase revenue. IBM Leads can greatly improve the end-to-end lead management process and fill what is often a critical gap between marketing and sales.

IBM Leads can also effectively qualify, prioritize, and assign leads, notify and deliver leads to sales teams and qualified agents, and measure results from leads passed. Increase a lead close rate, which improves the ROI of lead generation marketing investments.

Key Highlights:

  • Enhance lead quality and conversion rates
  • Improve lead distribution and assignment
  • Reduce lead follow-up time
  • Increase lead generation effectiveness

IBM Predictive Insight

IBM Predictive Insight gives marketing users the power of predictive analytics. With IBM Predictive Insight you are able to build predictive models on your own, without the help of analytical specialists, so you can improve the results of all your marketing programs. IBM Predictive Insight gives the power to determine the most effective customer segmentation methods, which customers are most likely to respond, customer lifetime value, and the best cross-sell opportunities for each customer.

Key Highlights:

  • Predicts customer response, identifies the best products for cross-sell, suggests optimal customer segmentation, and forecasts lifetime value
  • User-friendly wizards
  • Uses many of the most powerful predictive algorithms and approaches, rather than being limited to just one or two
  • Automated model selection helps you choose which model is best suited and will achieve the best results
  • Automatic reports address most important concerns, such as the sensitivity of models to each variable or the impact of each model on campaign profitability
  • Multiple options for action, including immediate execution and scoring

Unica Customer Insight

Unica Customer Insight provides marketers to explore customer data without asking for help from technical specialists. Unica Customer Insight enables marketing users to gain critical insights through a highly flexible data visualization interface making it easy to spot customer trends and opportunities, and then take immediate action to select target audiences for marketing campaigns and programs.

Key Highlights:

  • The capability to easily answer marketing questions without IT intervention
  • Ease-of-use and consistent interface for analysis

Unica Distributed Marketing:

With Unica Distributed Marketing, local marketing teams have a simple but powerful way to access to all potential marketing campaigns run out of headquarters that are relevant to their territories. Unica Distributed Marketing also lets marketers in the field create their own campaigns tailored to local conditions, subject to rules and best practices specified by headquarters.

IBM Marketing Operations:

With IBM Marketing Operations marketers increase their efficiency by gaining better control over their budgets and processes. IBM Marketing Operations helps marketers align resources to objectives, streamline production processes, track budgets and expenses, and improve team collaboration.

Key Highlights:

  • Bring the work of those who plan campaigns and those who execute them together into a single, collaborative environment.
  • Manage all aspects of marketing expenses from cost center definition to purchase order generation to invoice processing.
  • Define budgets, create budget versions and compare before finalizing define performance objectives, then adjust plans as needed over time and see the impact of dialing spend up and down.
  • Manage all of the organization’s digital assets in a secure asset library with powerful custom attribute tracking, graphical views and version control