(Last Updated On: September 19, 2022)

Next on our series on how small tweaks can produce huge results, here is a story of one of the largest banks in the world with a strong presence in Singapore, who has been a long-time customer with us.

As their Digital presence partners, we ensure their portal generates business by way of more leads, increased form sign-ups and downloads (of their product brochures), increase in new launch enquiries and other metrics. The last few months saw a dip and we had to arrest the decline.

A series of think-tank meetings later, we arrived at a special framework, named it the Webzen™framework.


What do you do when a large bank suddenly sees a drop in leads and sign ups?

You make a few small tweaks!

One of the guiding principles of the Webzen is that a change/recommendation must not take more than two days to action. So, we were really looking for bite-sized tweaks that could be effective!

With Webzen, we armed the consulting team with data from multiple teams. A comprehensive study of the data revealed a few areas of dissonance and we set about fixing those.


If you look at the changes that we made, listed below, you would notice that we have deliberately stayed away from cumbersome recommendations. What we did was, we -

  1. Removed toxic links on the website that could have a negative impact
  2. Fixed breadcrumb navigation issues on primary product pages
  3. Revised internal linking issues on pages that redirected to other pages
  4. Revised CTA text which then led to higher CTA clicks
  5. Eliminated broken links (404 pages) in the website.
  6. Crossed our fingers!

Okay. That last one was a bit of a stretch. We admit.

But those five tweaks were basic if you think of it. The first month did not see much action once we implemented these changes.

Keyword Ranking and Allied Metrics

In summary, what we saw happening was:

Domain Authority
Harmful Links
Toxic Links

Those five tweaks were clearly working!


More importantly, this would reinforce what we knew from experience: great results do not demand major overhauls (not all the time).

Sometimes, those small wooden toys help!

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