Indicators of Digital Marketing Transformation [Complete Guide]

Estimated Influencer Marketing Growth Image

Digital Marketing is a vast function involving both paid and organic efforts. Organic efforts pay high returns with little investment. Paid efforts deliver quick returns but at a price. While each has its merits, this article studies them closely to see if they need transformation. Driving Digital Marketing Transformation with Paid Efforts #1 – Campaigns…

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How contemporary is your marketing? (A 31-point checklist)

Audiences evolve. Media evolves. Channels evolve. Technology evolves. Unless your marketing efforts evolve as a response to all of this, your brand will be outrun by dynamic competitors. The marketing strategies that made you rock a couple of years ago may not be relevant today and it is important to constantly ensure that your marketing…

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5 Indicators of MarTech Management Transformation. [Checklist + Guide]

Martech Management

You invest on marketing technology platforms thinking it would be an asset to your marketing operations. But, did you know those assets could turn into liabilities, when not managed right? I’m sure you don’t want your assets turning into liabilities. But how confident are you that your MarTech platforms won’t turn into liabilities? Fortunately, there…

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9 Indicators of Digital Analytics Transformation. Part 2 of 2. [Checklist + Guide]

In the first part of this series we discussed on what is digital analytics terrain all about and the following factors that indicate the need for a transformation of your digital analytics. Translation of business needs into analytical use cases Getting actionable insights from your partners Comprehensiveness of digital analytics Cost of digital analytics platforms…

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