Measuring Marketing Transformation – Part 1

How contemporary is your marketing Image

Next to supply chain, marketing is most affected due to the pandemic. Initially, marketers played their cards close to their chests, expecting the pandemic to be a short term thing. But once they realized that it was here to stay for a while, most of them, including the ones who were digitally naïve, were forced…

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Popular Web Analytics Solutions used by Web Analytics Agencies

When it comes to the kind of platforms Web analytics agencies use, broadly speaking, there are two types – standalone web analytics platforms and analytics platforms that are part of a marketing cloud or multichannel marketing software.  Standalone Analytics Platforms Here are some standalone analytics platforms that are used by web analytics agencies.  Google Analytics Matomo Hotjar Crazyegg Optimizely  Google Analytics Google Analytics can…

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Total Experience – Why must Brands care?


In October 2020, Gartner released its Top Strategic Technology trends for 2021. Of particular interest to us was the mention of Total Experience. What is total experience and why must brands take note? Firstly, as a brand, if you think just selling good products/services would keep you in business, you may need to think twice. That…

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Marketing Intelligence

marketing intelligence

Times change. Customers evolve. And their expectations alter. Marketing re-invents itself to keep pace with all these changes. In this section, we will bring you a series of articles that showcase various aspects of marketing, significant trends, and interesting subjects that we know will pique your fancy and more importantly, be useful for you as…

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Domain Authority Increase by 25% with these 5 Awesome (and Small) Tweaks in 13 Days – we tell you as it Happened (5 minute read)

domain authority

Next on our series on how small tweaks can produce huge results, here is a story of one of the largest banks in the world with a strong presence in Singapore, who has been a long-time customer with us. As their Digital presence partners, we ensure their portal generates business by way of more leads, increased form sign-ups…

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