The Definitive Guide to implement the Enterprise Campaign Management platform

managing your digital presence

The 2023 Comprehensive Guide to set up a Campaign Management function. Introduction Why don’t enterprise brand marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook automatically boost your sales? Especially if you are not selling generic candy. But selling products and services that are “considered” or “researched” purchases, like financial services or a car. Because campaigns run on…

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8 Best Practices to speed up your Salesforce Journey Builder

8 best practices

Introduction As a mid-market or enterprise brand using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you must already be running a number of journeys. Some simple, like a single channel birthday journey. Some moderate, like a welcome journey across multiple channels. Some complex journeys like cart abandonment and cross-sell journeys. When you started creating the journeys, you must have seen the journeys getting…

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Push Notifications – Crush them with these 14 best practices

push notifications

Introduction Push notifications are a great way to reach your customers. A push notification is a message sent to target customers urging them to act as intended by the sender, on an app or website. As an enterprise brand, push notifications should definitely be part of your Omni-channel marketing campaigns. As compared to other marketing…

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13 lifecycle campaigns every enterprise marketer should run


The prospects that you coveted and nurtured have finally made a purchase. They are customers now! But don’t do the jig just yet. As an enterprise brand, your work has just started. What comes next is what makes-or-breaks your marketing ROI. Most marketers focus on the initial stages of a customer’s journey leading up to purchase.  The AIDA -…

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