About Xerago

Xerago is a marketing company that is adept at solving practical, hard-to-solve marketing problems using a combination of marketing communication, marketing analytics and marketing technologies.

Xerago’s solutions span the entire marketing spectrum

  • Make your digital presence cohesive
  • Acquire new-to-brand customers
  • Engage and grow value from existing customers
  • Analyze, report, & predict customer behaviors and
  • Manage MarTech stack

Xerago visualizes modern marketing as a continuous campaign engine. Because, distracted and attention deficit audiences have to be reached and influenced through high-frequency marketing programs. Xerago has a mature delivery system to handle this. We go from plan to production at full throttle.


Our Glory Wall

15+ years of rolled-up sleeves and calloused hands. 50+ Global Clients. Mostly Large ones. In 25 countries. Across 5 continents. Multi Geo. Multi Ethnic. Multi Time Zone.

Enterprise Marketing Automation pioneer. 100k+ Campaigns. Now its muscle memory. 1B+ Customers Reached. No matter where they are. Or what channels they use. 10M+ Responses.

We follow the sun. Offices in 6 cities across the globe. Now opening new frontiers in Metaverse.

Clients in: Financial Services, E-Commerce, Retail, Telecom, Automotive, Technology, Non-profits, Hospitality, Realty, and more.

Preferred partners of the best MarTech in business: Unica. Adobe. Salesforce. Acoustic. SAS. Resulticks. Acquia.

Come to Xerago for the competence. Appreciate our results. Stay on for our commitment to your success.