Push Notifications – Crush them with these 14 best practices

push notifications

Introduction Push notifications are a great way to reach your customers. A push notification is a message sent to target customers urging them to act as intended by the sender, on an app or website. As an enterprise brand, push notifications should definitely be part of your Omni-channel marketing campaigns. As compared to other marketing…

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13 lifecycle campaigns every enterprise marketer should run


The prospects that you coveted and nurtured have finally made a purchase. They are customers now! But don’t do the jig just yet. As an enterprise brand, your work has just started. What comes next is what makes-or-breaks your marketing ROI. Most marketers focus on the initial stages of a customer’s journey leading up to purchase.  The AIDA -…

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9 reasons for managing online conversations


Not to belabor the obvious, but if your brand is being discussed anywhere at all online, you should be actively managing that conversation. It’s as simple as that. This article is about the whys and why-nots of managing online conversations. In case you are living in a cave. As far as you can tell, you…

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8 insightful analytical reports to sharpen campaign focus

8 insightful analytical reports

Introduction Analytics is at the core of gathering, interpreting and actioning data-driven decisions for an enterprise marketer. Such insights inform customer behavior, performance tracking, business decisions, etc. Analytics is so integral to modern-day digital marketing that it is no longer considered a discrete activity, but part of the conversion continuum. All analytics platforms come with…

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