Small Tweaks – Big Results


Introduction $7 Billion from One Small Tweak – A True Story! (3 minute read) Ole Kirk was a worried but determined man. A fire had destroyed his furniture factory completely. Yet here he was, building a bigger factory and seeing it as an opportunity. Tragedy struck again, this time, in the form of the Great…

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Big Challenges – Big Solutions


Introduction Big Challenges Call for Big Solutions – an Introduction (3 minute read) Brothers Richard and Maurice were handymen and set movers at Motion-Picture studios. When their father opened a food stand at Monrovia, California, they pitched in and helped sell hamburgers, potato chips, coffee, soft drinks, and apple pie. With a view to increase…

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5 Indicators of MarTech Management Transformation. [Checklist + Guide]

You invest on marketing technology platforms thinking it would be an asset to your marketing operations. But, did you know those assets could turn into liabilities, when not managed right? I’m sure you don’t want your assets turning into liabilities. But how confident are you that your MarTech platforms won’t turn into liabilities? Fortunately, there…

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