Innovation in Database Integration Helps Bharat Matrimony save Time and Money

Tuesday 04th, October 2016


Bharat Matrimony is one of the fastest growing internet companies within the digital and offline matrimony spaces. Apart from 200 outlets in India, it has a presence in the UK, the US, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Their website logs about 8000 users each day and is based on a C2C (member-to-member) model.

We had partnered with them earlier for their Digital Transformation journey as a result of which we came up with several innovations – one of which was to successfully build an off-line enterprise from an otherwise purely online marketplace.

The Challenge

Bharat Matrimony had invested in IBM Campaign – a world class campaign management platform for their inbound and outbound marketing activities and to interact with their multiple customer platforms.

However, their customer facing platforms were built on MySQL – an open source database platform which was incompatible with the IBM products.

This, predictably created a couple of bottlenecks –

  • Bharat Matrimony had already invested considerable resources in IBM Suite.
  • Migrating the existing database to a new one would increase complexities, disrupt the BAU, and of course increase operating costs.

To overcome the deadlock, Xerago was tasked with developing a work around that will have no impact on the daily operations at the same time facilitate a perfect handshake with MySQL.

How did we accomplish this?

Xerago leveraged its vast experience of customizing and configuring IBM Unica and surround systems. Based on what we had seen with some other customers (similar, not the same situation) the team decided that the device drivers will have to be tweaked and configured to achieve a perfect handshake between MySQL and IBM Suite.

So our team at Xerago burnt the midnight oil to do the exact same thing: tweak the database drivers and have them configured at the file level. All the while making sure that the existing system doesn’t get affected in any way.

Our efforts paid off – and we were able to achieve seamless integration not just with IBM Unica – but with other IBM applications such as Cognos, SPSS and interact as well.

In summary, we overcame the following challenges –

  • Bharat Matrimony’s existing applications were not affected and their daily routine was business as usual.
  • The cost involved in new database system, migration, testing and integration were completely removed from the sight.
  • The client didn’t have to invest in a new database system.

Incidentally, we derived that the same approach can be followed for any client who has MySQL as the source system and wants to integrate with IBM products.

Needless to say, Bharat Matrimony moved forward with their marketing campaigns without having to invest in a new database system – and of course, saved a lot of time and money.


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