Campaign Management and the Retail Industry

Wednesday 12th, October 2016

retail  photoThe customer of today is an evolved being – he is not just pleased when he gets a personalized shopping experience. He pretty much expects it. He is extremely disappointed if he doesn’t get one and then simply takes his business elsewhere.

Hi standards are high! He has been exposed to some of the best customer experiences the biggest brands on the planet have to offer. And he comes armed with mobile devices and accounts on social media. Of course he expects personalized communication. Personalized shopping experiences. All this delivered to him through a channel of his choice.

What the retailer of today needs is a cross-channel campaign management solution. Something that will process customer data from various channels and touchpoints that each customer uses and delivers meaningful insights to him. Only then can he engage with his customers meaningfully, nurture his relationship with them, build brand loyalty and be competitive in today’s marketplace. And only then will can he send him the right message at the right time through the right channel.

Campaign Management is absolutely essential in today’s retail industry. In the first place brands have started to advertise across various digital channels as they see huge value in that. There is a much great ROI for one as customers who see ads in more than one channel, tend to buy more than those who see it in just one. But the fact remains that it is not easy to deliver the same consistent and effective customer experience across channels. On the other hand is the evolved customer who has come to expect personalized communication that has been tail-made for him or her. And there is no telling what channel a customer would use to communicate with a business – he might tweet. Or comment on a blog. Or call. Or post on Facebook! You just don’t know! Keeping track of what each customer does can be tough! And don’t even get started on his buying behavior or his preferences. Which is where campaign management tools come in.

You just can’t do without it when you want to offer each of your customers a consistent customer experience or execute personalized campaigns across online, offline, traditional, and emerging channels.

Apart from this – there are several other benefits –

  • Retailers can keep tabs on their inventories right from purchasing all the way through to allocation.
  • They can re-think product choices based on customer preference
  • They can offer a great Omni channel experience to their customers, right from planning up to targeted selling.
  • Retailers can access data across all their systems and analyze that information to draw insights.
  • It will help them understand who their customers really are and how they shop
  • Knowing about customers helps retailers design and implement campaigns that will influence their shopping behavior.
  • Retailers have an opportunity to convert single channel customers into multi-channel shoppers (who will be their most valued high-value customers!)
  • Retailers will have access to customer responses to their marketing efforts, which they can action on – tweaking campaigns to make them more effective.
  • Through this, retailers can offer real time responsiveness which goes a long way in increasing customer satisfaction.
  • They are able to plan and forecast across channels, customers, products and inventory
  • It reduces lead time – what used to take weeks can be done in a matter of hours.
  • Retailers can measure the effectiveness of campaigns – and tweak them to work better.
  • They can personalize their interactions with their customers which, as everyone knows is the most effective way of engaging with them.
  • Retailers can expand their visibility and reach and target a wider range of prospects and customers.
  • It allows retailers to track and manage all channels – including social media – so they know when to respond to customers and participate in conversations.
  • Retailers can automate email campaigns – right messages can be sent to the right people at the right time.
  • It even keeps tabs on search marketing, blogs, etc. picking up registrations that can go straight into the retailer’s database.

The bottom line is this – a retailer can be successful only if he offers personalization in an industry that is characterized by anonymity and mass turnovers. And an effective campaign management tool is key to achieving that. When information across several channels is integrated, the retailer can derive valuable insights from this which can be translated into effective strategies. And effective strategies that are powered by data translates into phenomenal success!

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