Is your content marketing working?

Tuesday 23rd, August 2016

confused person photoSometimes content marketing just doesn’t work! You try every trick in the book but have nothing to show at the end of the day! Very few likes! No comments and absolutely no shares! Is that you?

Studies tell us that 30 billion pieces of content (pictures, blogs, links, news, etc.) are shared on Facebook every month.

But your problem is that the content that you have produced doesn’t either get picked up by people or shared!

Why is that! Why doesn’t your content go viral like a cat and cucumber video?

There could be several reasons for that –

Your audience doesn’t trust you

Maybe your customers don’t really trust you. Or maybe they don’t trust the content that you develop. People won’t share content unless they trust you or the content. Studies have found that about 50% of the time, people don’t trust businesses to do what is right! When someone shares your content, they are saying that they trust you enough to share what you think with their circles. Have you wondered why it was that celebrities and famous people produce content that is shared so much? It is all because of who they are – people know them and want to share what they share!

Your audience doesn’t see your message

It just could be that your idea of who your audience is, is not really right. And what ends up happening is that the messages you send are not reaching the right people. So your audience doesn’t even know about you. They don’t know that you exist! That could be because you are not promoting your content – and you are not there on the channels where you audiences are! It is very important to know who your audience is, and where they will be so you can engage with them effectively.

Your audience doesn’t really care about your brand or your message

People might not be committed to your brand. And why should they – unless you offer them something that will keep them committed – like great deals or important information? Know your audience well – know them well enough to know what they value in you and give them that. Maybe they don’t think that what you offer to them is useful. Practical information is always a hit. A “how to” kind of thing – people find it useful and they think others would benefit by it as well. You can do a tutorial and teach your audience to improve some aspect of their lives or you can provide them with information that will help them to make better informed buying decisions.

Your audience doesn’t find you interesting, entertaining, original or funny!

Why is the cat and cucumber video such a roaring hit? Because it is funny! People love to laugh. You’re not being funny. You’re not saying anything they don’t know already. And neither are you entertaining them! It is very important that your content amuses or interests your audience in a way that it entertains and engages them. Most subjects today are beaten to death – every topic has been covered extensively. So you need to present what you have to say in the most entertaining way possible – or have a new point of you – or have a different take on it.

Your audience wants more than just your brand

People care about something that moves them. That they are passionate about. So if you are able to connect with them in that area, you will be a winner. They want to be a part of something huge – like running for a cause or working to make the world a safer place than it is now. So if you tell your audience how you are passionate about and committed to ending world poverty, they would cheer you on, support you and talk about you with their friends.

Or they want to build relationships with others. Form a community with like-minded others. And if your brand can give them that, then they are interested for sure. Or they want to appear credible in front of their peers – so they share content that will make them look good.

Bottom line, of course is that people need to be aware of your content. They need to know and like you. And they need to feel like they need to share it. Give them that, and your content will surely go places.

Image by CarbonNYC [in SF!] 


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