Is Event Based Marketing for you?

Tuesday 09th, August 2016

gift photoEvent-based marketing is a great way for marketers to engage with their customers – they can anticipate their customers’ needs and respond with messages that are relevant and spot on. But the key is to do it right – you need to send it at the right time, keep communications at the right level of frequency, stick to the right channels and most importantly, send the right messages. Otherwise it can actually prove to be counter-productive!

The good news is that there are sophisticated tools that will let you pick up possible trigger-points – small changes in a customer’s behaviour – which will enable marketers to send the right message at the right time, through the right channel.

Event-based marketing needs advanced technology and carefully crafted marketing plans to create a customer communication framework that can handle the complexity of marketing to millions of individuals across multiple channels, ensuring effective, automated dialogue that is relevant, timely, and produces value. But it is totally worth the effort!

Look at this example –

Pizza Hut came up with a brilliant idea. During the Super Bowl, every time a person checked into Foursquare mentioning “Super Bowl” (an event), he would get a badge (the response). Now this badge gave him a coupon that would give him $5 for every $10 spent! The customer was thrilled and Pizza Hut made a killing!

Event-based marketing is not just about sporting events or holidays and tailoring offers around that. It is about the many events in a person’s life – this event could be anything that presents an opportunity for interaction like a change of address, a birthday, an anniversary, births of babies, children reaching college age, home purchases, or any other personal event. Events would also include visits to a web page, the click of the mouse on a particular item, or a keyword search! It could even be calls or letters from customers asking about a product or service – could be a complaint or a request for some information.

Apart from this, it could be a one-off event that your business runs – a once a year deal. Like Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, for example. This kind of thing can be a very successful effort on the part of the company. Think of annual trade shows – there is great build up and terrific euphoria when it happens. Or it could be a series of smaller events and activities that run through the year. Maybe a regular newsletter or virtual events or webinars – scheduled regularly at intervals.

The point is that the opportunities are endless. In other words, any change from the normal is seen as a potential opportunity. Anything a customer does, initiates communication from the marketer – making this a pull rather than a push.

Event based marketing is a highly personalised way to offer new products or services to individual customers on any channel at the moment it is most relevant to him or her. It can enhance the relationship a company has with each of its customers.

  • It lets the marketer meet each individual customer at the point of his or her need
  • It is possible to turn customer monologues into value-producing dialogues and rapidly improve return on customer relationships.
  • It is a great way to improve brand recognition, deliver value and drive profits quickly.

It is all about marketing to an individual at a time that matters most to him. And face it – that is when marketing is most effective!


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