Why Millennials Make a Great Sales Team

Tuesday 12th, July 2016

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Millennials are often dismissed as narcissistic, self-concerned and lazy.

But if you’re a business that’s looking to build the 21st century sales organization, you should look no further than the millennials.

Why did you ask?

Today’s consumer is demanding, tech-savvy and active on social media. He demands a relevant, personalized and a helpful interaction with the salespeople.

Millennials are well suited to address these demands. They live and breathe technology; they’re active on social media and challenge the old-school tactics in every segment.

Here are some reasons why millennials should be an integral part of your sales team.

They are Smart

Traditional sales guys often tend to be aggressive, persistent and overbearing. That’s the reason most people despise them. Millennials, on the other hand, have a different approach.

Instead of indulging in shady sales tactics and cold calls, millennials educate their prospects with knowledge and information about the product. They warm your leads till they reach the tipping point – which is when you make your pitch.

Millennials understand your product inside out, and they effectively pass this knowledge onto the customer – by establishing an organic connection and increasing the chances of a sale.

They Are Tech Savvy

Millennials lead generation has grown up in this smartphone era.

They are social-media obsessed and aware of technological advancements.

Armed with these tactics, millennials can greatly use it to their advantage and connect with new customers.

They no longer rely on old-school techniques to get things done.

Their tech-savvy methods can help generate leads, adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape and use sophisticated sales tools to their advantage.

They Are Data-Driven

Millennials are heavily driven by data.

Having relied on technology their entire lives, they believe in tools and programs that spit out numbers about what’s effective and what’s not.

They are less likely to take a decision based on a gut feeling and prefer techniques that are backed by experience or hard numbers.

Entrepreneurial in Nature

Entrepreneurship is in their DNA.

They may be lazy and narcissistic, but their entrepreneurial nature makes them more creative, solution-oriented and hungry for problems.

They like to manage their own business and control their outcomes – making them more independent and responsible.

Give them the necessary tools – and witness how they take your sales team by storm.

They Understand the Buyer Needs

The secret to selling is to understand your buyer needs.

What do they need to solve their problem? How will your product/service make the difference?

Have convincing answers to these questions.

And why do you think millennials can grasp your buyer needs?

Simple. A millennial generation is a growing group of buyers themselves.

There is a good chance that your millennial sales team is pitching your product to people who are similar to themselves – people who they relate to.

This trend will continue to grow – which means that the millennial team you are hiring today will become much more effective as the time goes by.

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