Why Content Marketing Is Tailor Made For Millennials

Tuesday 19th, July 2016


Millennials or the Gen Y have a knack for consuming content across multiple devices at the same time.

Studies have found that the Gen Y is bombarded with over 5000 marketing messages each day. Yet, they have learnt the art of tuning out anything that doesn’t immediately resonate with them.

Traditional marketing no longer works with them. The ad-loathing millennials crave for new and interesting content that will be useful to them. And figures back the observations: A whopping 84% of the millennials don’t believe in traditional advertising.

The need for useful and non-commercial content has never been this high.

That said, let’s take a look at why content marketing is highly appealing to millennials.

Emphasis on Utility than Interruption

Content marketing, for one, has been inherently progressive in distancing itself from traditional advertising.

Since its inception, advertising has always been about interruption.

Honestly, who welcomes a television commercial?

However, this doesn’t mean millennials hate ads. They abhor the ones that are irrelevant and annoying.

Millennials don’t care if it’s sponsored content or not – as long as it’s good content. If you create quality, mindful content specifically tailored to a particular demographic – your engagement will be high, even if it is sponsored.

Therefore your priority should be to minimize interruption and maximizing the utility.

Visual Content is Engaging

In the past decade, the average human attention span has plummeted from 12 seconds to a mere 8.

Millennials have grown up in a world filled with tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. With so many things to handle, the attention spans were bound to decrease.

In order to attract this ‘always switched on’ generation, you need powerful visuals with a strong value proposition to sell your brand.

Content marketing lets you play around with interesting visuals that will pique the users’ interests. At the same time, your images should be subtle enough to soft sell your brand.

Highly Customizable

Millennials want everything to be under their control.

For this very reason, they are branded as lazy and narcissistic individuals.

For all their shortcomings, millennials are highly educated – and soon are going to represent over one-third of the total workforce. With over $1 billion in purchasing power, millennials are an important segment for every marketer.

Therefore, if you’re going to engage with them, you will have to create content for them but you accept that they’re going to want to customize, curate and remix that content and make it their own and passing it on – mostly on social media.

They’ll be in charge of the content that comes along their way – and that’s a really interesting opportunity.

Your content marketing efforts can be more effective when you provide millennials with the necessary content that can be customized and let things take care of themselves.

So what do you think – Is content marketing the best way to target millennials? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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