What Can You Learn From Donald Trump About Marketing?

Tuesday 26th, July 2016

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Love him or hate him – you just cannot ignore this man.

From a surreal press conference inside Trump Tower in Manhattan, to becoming a Republican nominee, Donald Trump has ran a great campaign.

His crazy theatrics and highly questionable (‘offensive’ and ‘stupid’ in some cases) statements are very well documented.

Yet, make no mistake, when he speaks – people listen!

So how does he do it?

How does Trump dominate the media charts?

Let’s learn a few lessons from his controversial presidential campaign to make our marketing great again.

Stand Out

Trump was nowhere in the realm of politics until his presidential endeavor.

He is a lot of things – a business mogul, a reality show contestant, and an author – but not a politician!

Yet, leveraging his political inexperience to the fullest, Trump has projected himself to be an honest and a successful leader – worthy of becoming a president.

Lesson learnt:

Stand for something that you believe in, even if it’s controversial. Often brands try to become mainstream by appealing to ‘everyone’. The problem with that is when you’re trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

You need to put a stake in the ground – believe in what you stand for – and make it clear for your audience.

Be Simple

Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan will attract even the most xenophobic and far-fetched individuals.

His proposition is simple and direct.

Whether it’s walling off Mexico or banning all Muslims, it’s all tied back to one thing: security to the average American citizen. He is clear in what he has to offer to the American people.

No wonder Donald Trump is cruising ahead of Hillary in the latest polls.

That’s what you as a brand owner should do. Get your word out – in the most attractive, simple and powerful way possible.

Lesson learnt:

Simplicity sells. Therefore, be clear and attractive in what you have to offer.

Live Your Brand

Wealth, arrogance, business, confidence are some adjectives that are used to describe Trump.

Despite all the negative press, he lives and breathes his brand.

People know exactly what to expect when they tune in to hear him speak. His cringe-worthy charades and jingoistic remarks guarantee news headlines and that’s how he sells himself.

Lesson learnt:

If you aspire to create a great brand, you need to master the art of relationship building.

You need to market your product to the well-defined niche and live your brand – day in and day out.

Why do you think Trump is so appealing? He is unabashedly true to his brand, and himself.

How about you?

Having Haters is a Good Thing

There – I’ve said it.

Haters aren’t always bad. In fact, if you don’t have haters, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Thanks to his attitude and silly comments, Trump has more than his fair share of haters.

Yet, he has managed to attract a legion of followers who believe in his idea of America.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Generally people have an inherent need of belonging – to feel connected and to be a part of something bigger.
  • They are not just Trump supporters – they are the people who want to be a part of making America great again.

People support Trump because he promises an America that is safe, secure and prosperous.

Individuals don’t capture the fascination of the audience. Ideas do.

Lesson learnt:

Be all ears to the criticisms and feedback. It’s surprising how much insight you can gain from the people who hate you the most.

So are you ready to make your marketing great again? What have you learnt from Donald Trump? Which strategies will you implement?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image by Michael Vadon 


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