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Tuesday 05th, July 2016

events photoWhen it comes to Event-based Marketing, everyone talks about Pizza Hut or Walgreens.

Pizza Hut came up with a brilliant idea. During the Super Bowl, every time a person checked into Foursquare mentioning “Super Bowl”, he would get a badge. Now this badge gave him a coupon that would give him $5 for every $10 spent! The customer was thrilled and Pizza Hut made a killing!

Walgreens also did something similar – when a customer checked into a Walgreen’s store using Foursquare, he would get a coupon for a special offer.

Great examples of effective Event-based marketing – a highly personalised way to offer new products or services to individual customers on any channel at the moment it is most relevant to him or her. It can enhance the relationship a company has with each of its customers. It needs advanced technology and carefully crafted marketing plans to create a customer communication framework that can handle the complexity of marketing to millions of individuals across multiple channels, ensuring effective, automated dialogue that is relevant, timely, and produces value.

Event-based marketing is not just about a sporting event or holidays and tailoring offers around that. It starts with the many events in a person’s life – this event could be anything that presents an opportunity for interaction. These interactions could be anything – it could be a call or letter from a customer about a product or service – could be a complaint or a request for some information. It could be a customer’s change of address, birthdays, anniversaries, births, children reaching college age, home purchases, or any other personal event. It could be just a visit to a web page, the click of the mouse on a particular item, or a keyword search! The opportunities are endless. In other words, any change from the normal is seen as a potential opportunity. Anything a customer does, initiates communication from the marketer – making this a pull rather than a push.

In other words, they are campaigns that are built around any changes in a customer’s needs.

Which means, that a marketer needs to be aware of those needs first. So do your spade work and do research and find out what you need to know about a customer so if there is any change in his behaviour or his needs, you can pick it up instantly.

The first thing to do when coming with a plan, is to keep your customer in mind. Marketing automation tools have the capability to collect data and extract insights about each of your customers. Once you know your customer, you will know what kind of events push your customer to buy something. You will know what they will get. And you will know how you can respond to an event – in such a way that it will make sense to the customer.

You need to know what you will do at a particular trigger. Don’t think you can come up with something and wing it. Won’t really work. Plan ahead of time. Be creative. Think out of the box. Plan something really interesting and innovative that your customer will love.

Remember in event-based marketing, timing is crucial. In fact, timing is pretty much everything. You need to respond to it quickly and in a manner that will make sense to the customer. Or else it just won’t work.

As in every other campaign you need to track and measure it – see if it works. There is just no point in doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If something is not working, study it, study the customer and tweak your campaign to make it something that will be effective. Don’t guess – plan and analyse the past to come up with a plan scientifically – only then would it work.

There are many advantages that Event based marketing brings –

  • It lets the marketer meet each individual customer at the point of his or her need
  • It is possible to turn customer monologues into value-producing dialogues and rapidly improve return on customer relationships.
  • It is a great way to improve brand recognition, deliver value and drive profits quickly.

It uses customer behavior and events to find opportunities for marketing and profit making. The highly personalized Event-based marketing bases marketing strategies directly off of events in a customer’s life and can help form personal relationships with your customers. It is all about marketing to an individual at a time that matters most to him. And that is when marketing is most effective!

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Call us if you would like help setting up an Event-based Marketing platform for your company!

setting up an Event-based Marketing platform


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