Omnichannel Marketing: 3 Ways to Do It Right

Monday 04th, July 2016

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Today’s consumer is tech savvy. He has thoroughly embraced the new world of modern communication and the always-on connectivity — and has also come to expect that.

If you’re a smart marketer, you’ll follow him into the well-settled frontier to maintain your competitive edge with an omnichannel approach.

A research by the analytics firm Neustar found that 40 percent of companies believe that omnichannel marketing is important — and almost 30 percent believe these strategies are critical. 35 % of them are already out there with their message broadcasting throughout a customer’s digital life, with 27 % making plans to get there soon.

With so many companies in the fray, how do you ensure your omnichannel strategy extracts maximum engagement from your visitors?

If you’re looking for a hack, I’m afraid there isn’t any. What you can and should do is to offer incredibly relevant messages that mean something to your customer. Failing, you’ll be dismissed as a just another attention seeking company.

So how to do it right? Let’s find out.

Actively Listen To Your Social Media Conversations

It has been found that 60 % of all marketers use social channels as a marketing tool, rather than a driver of customer experience, and that’s why they’re leaving money on the table.

A study by Bain & Co. found that the companies that engage and respond to customer requests over social media, those customers spend 20 percent to 40 percent more with the company — and they’re almost three times more likely to recommend a brand, says HBR. And if you aren’t responsive on social media, you’re going to see your churn rate increase by up to 15 percent.

If you want to engage with your customers on things that matter to them, change your focus from broadcasting to listening. Tools such as Hootsuite can help to monitor your brand mentions across your social media profiles and keeps an eye on conversations and comments.

Solicit Directly

One of the important ways to establish authentic engagement is being open to direct customer contact and engaging in two-way conversations. You should include your contact links across your site and on all of your social media profiles.

Additional soliciting opinions include customer surveys and polls. Request feedback directly in notifications, and even use the Facebook’s Questions feature to pick your user’s brains.

Leverage Cloud based communications

Often customers choose communication channels depending on the requirement, so all avenues of contact should be easy for consumers to find, be reliable, and be easy to use. Traditional communications channels that include phone, email, and chat, offer a level of comfort for the customer and easier access to your company.

It has been found that live chat is a particularly popular avenue for customers, because it provides near-instant response times, clear answers, and an easy way to ask further questions or for clarification.

But the phone is both the most traditional communication platform of them all, and the most neglected. Nonverbal cues such as tone variations and pauses offer essential conversational clues to enrich the experience. And there really isn’t much that can beat that feeling of direct, one-to-one focused connection that makes a customer feel truly heard.

Active listening packs a huge punch for your business. You’re taking all the noise of marketing and sales and turning it into a real connection with your customers — the fundamental building block of sales and long-term loyalty. It’s omnichannel done right.

So have you implemented your omnichannel strategy yet? Tell us in the comments section below.



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