Inbound or Outbound – that is the Question!

Monday 25th, July 2016

marketing photoToday, marketing is inbound.

Inbound marketing has done away with the old ways of marketing – where a marketer would buy ads and email lists and hope for leads to pop up. Now, the trend is to create content that offers value to the people you want as your customers – content that is aligned with your customers’ interests. By doing this, you attract inbound traffic.

In other words, you create content that offers value to your customers and they will come.

But will they?

Even the good book says “no one lights a candle to be put under a barrel”

Content – regardless of how good it is – needs to be promoted.

The whole thing also works on the premise that good content will be shared. People like something? They want to share it with their circle.

But what if this content – the basis of inbound marketing – is helped along with a dash of good old outbound?

Email marketing is still very effective we are told – from sending generic emails to everyone in your mailing list, email marketing has come a very long way. We have gone past grouping customers based on common features or demographics. We now have abundant customer data which enables a business to know its customers – not as a group of people that will fit into a demographic profile, but as individuals. Knowing each customer personally makes it possible for all kinds of specific communication to be sent to each of them addressing their particular needs.

So it is no small wonder that according to a report from Econsultancy, 73% of marketers report a high ROI from marketing!

So maybe what we all need to consider is to see how we can combine the two – combine the value that great content and inbound marketing brings with the turbo-power that outbound can bring. There are sophisticated tools that are available today that can help a marketer target the specific kind of customer who is likely to convert.  And the resulting rate of conversions can be significant.


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