How to Find Inspiration for Your Blog Content

Friday 22nd, July 2016

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As a fellow content marketer, I empathize with all you bloggers out there.

Creating popular content is a tough nut to crack.

To increase the website traffic while maintaining the quality of content, you require a constant stream of intelligent and novel ideas.

There are chances you might have limited resources to work with, and yet you might need to come up with new content consistently. This strategy goes dry sometimes, especially when you’ve written around the same topic for a couple of months in a row.

So how do you ensure that your fountain of ideas never runs out?

Let’s find out.

Your Past Work

You must have done some great work in the past, and some of them is probably due for a little refurbishment.

Take a look at the things you’ve written, and decide which ones you can restructure, combine or present with new facts.

Make infographics out of existing content by adding latest developments and some interesting facts.

Recycling is not a bad option – but ensure you present the information in a new light.


Quora opens the floodgates of questions and ideas that can provide enough fodder for you to come up with fresh content.

Pore over the popular questions, as well as the recent additions of blogs and reviews.

Leverage the podcast marketplace and search for interviews and current thought leadership about your industry. New ideas and updates about the latest developments in your industry will be highly relevant and interesting to your followers. This way, you can form your own take on the issues, which you can later share on your social media accounts.

Listen to Your Readers

Definitely your readers will have something to say about the kind of content you publish.

You may not always like their feedback, but it reflects the thoughts of your readers and potential customers – which makes it important for you to address.

The questions, criticisms, and requests they post might be valid and it deserves your attention.

For instance, you might have written about the significance of email communication. Your readers might comment that frequent mailers often end up in spam. This is a valid point – where you can write another post on how to promote your business without being too salesy!

By listening to your readers, you address their concerns – at the same time you get new ideas to write about.

Monitor Reddit Threads

Reddit has a large user base that generates an enormous amount of eclectic content.

Check out its reserve of commentary about current events, hilarious memes and popular stories. These conversations will give you out-of-the-box ideas on which topics to choose and which angles to explore.

The thumb rule to come up with great ideas is to have an open mind and a willingness to find inspiration in the most random places.

So what has worked for you? Let us know in the comments.


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