How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Friday 01st, July 2016

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Do you run a business that is looking to establish itself as a thought leader?

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth is now recognized as one of the most effective advertising methods. Today’s customers like to research about a brand on their own, and value comments from someone who’s an authority in the field.

Social media has proved to be a marketplace that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to gradually build a reputation and convince people of their authoritative position in the industry.

So how do you become one? Let’s discuss.

Find Your Niche

If you aspire to become an influencer, you should master a specific topic in your niche. Don’t cast your net too wide – for it might be difficult to gain the necessary knowledge to be considered as an expert.

First and foremost, start small and learn as much as you can about your industry through research and experimentation.

This way, you will discover pressing topics in your specialty and will help you to form your own ideas, against reinstating existing opinions.

Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to publish your views on things.

Along with your personal blog, you should create long-form posts on LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Pulse.

This is not without reason. Generally people assume LinkedIn posts come from the most influential thought leaders. Therefore, when people in your network read your articles on LinkedIn, it is more likely they will view you as an authority as well.

Pulse has created a prime opportunity for influencers to get noticed.

Share Valuable Content

Once you decide on your niche and implement a system for staying abreast with the latest developments in your niche, you should share high-value influencer content with your audience.

If you choose to be platform specific, use that as your primary social network. At the same time, utilize the others as well to grab maximum eyeballs.

To be considered as an influencer, people should view you as a resource. Consider your audience and share content that they’ll find useful. Publish original thought provoking articles, along with posts curated from other trusted sources.

Organize your content so that someone asks you a question, you can quickly grab content that provides an answer.

Actively Engage On Social Media

If you want to exert your authority on your audience, you need to interact with them.

Social media influencers often take part in relevant conversations across multiple social networks. Participate in Twitter chats, attend webinars (and host them as well), answer questions on Quora and share ideas in LinkedIn groups.

Don’t stop with tweets and posts. Add valuable comments for queries to provide additional information.

Sharing your knowledge will truly make you stand out as an influencer.


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