6 Huge Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing

Wednesday 13th, July 2016

apps photoToday Apps are pretty much everything. According to Statistica, worldwide mobile App downloads are expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017. It is pretty clear that pretty much everyone has created a mobile App, wants to create a mobile App or uses a mobile App!

People use it for all kinds of things – to watch a tv program or read the news! To hang out with friends or communicate with them. To shop. To make decisions. To find a location! Everything from ordering take out to catching Pokemon, Apps cover pretty much everything. For marketers, Apps are a great way to engage with your audience as well.

With the need to on that particular bandwagon being quite high, you could make some mistakes that can easily be avoided. Watch out for these –

Mistake No 1

Making your app look and feel like it is a miniature version of your desktop – same features, same functionality. Huge mistake to do that! A mobile experience and the very reason why someone looks for an app like yours on a mobile device are totally different from a desktop version.

Your App should offer your customers, just what matters to them! Just what they are looking for when they turn to an App like yours.

Mistake No 2

Building a mobile website and trying to pass it off as an app! Big mistake! This will just communicate with your customers that you don’t understand mobile. At all. You customers are smart. And evolved. And there are zillions of top of the line native apps that they can measure yours against – native apps that have been built to offer a certain important function to users and which can handle bad internet connectivity and serious time constraints.

While developing the App, think of it from the user’s perspective. They want a great experience and that is what you need to give him.

Mistake No 3

Building an app without marketing it! This is like asking your customer to find a needle in a haystack! Huge mistake! You might have a great App – something that actually offers genuine value to your customers. But just publishing your App in an App store doesn’t mean you will meet with instant success and huge download numbers. You need to market the App.

Invest in a marketing plan before you create and publish your App. This marketing plan cannot be a one-time effort. Do what it takes to make your user find and keep coming back to your App regularly.

Mistake No 4

Making your customers do things that are a stretch for small screens and fumbling fat thumbs. While it might be a breeze for a person to type in all kinds of information in multiple fields on a desktop or click on small buttons, the same actions are not that easy on a tiny mobile device. This will only frustrate your user who will simply abandon the use of your App simply because it makes life difficult for him.

Think of the usability of the App from the perspective of the user. Don’t give him long-winded forms to fill or put tiny CTA buttons that he will find difficult to hit. Add tap to call options and give him exactly what he wants, upfront.

Mistake No 5

Making an App just because everyone else is doing it. Won’t work at all. Today’s evolved customer with a huge deficit of this thing called Time, isn’t going to waste his time just faffing around with an App just because it is there. You may be wildly successful and manage to get him to download the App – but unless it offers genuine value to him, he is not going to ever come back to it or use it.

The key is to know your customers so well that you can offer them something that they will find useful and of great value.

Mistake no 6

Making an App and then assuming people will keep coming back to use it. It is a sobering fact that most people who download an app stop using it in a few months at most. So you just cannot afford to make the mistake of assuming that because you have created an App that you think hits the spot, everyone will download it, and keep using it and can’t imagine how they lived without it all this while.

The key is to really know your customer. Know what his need is – so your App is built around solving his problem for him. The key is to offer him value – constant ongoing value, so he will keep coming back to your app over and over again. Keep him hooked.

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