Top 5 Marketing Tips for LinkedIn That You Should Know

Tuesday 21st, June 2016

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There was a time when networking meant attending conferences and getting out there to meet people.

Ever since LinkedIn has come into the picture, it has changed the dynamics of interaction.

LinkedIn has transformed networking on a global basis and has made it much easier for users to network with people worldwide from the convenience of their own home or offices.

In a short span of time, LinkedIn has established itself as one of the top social networking sites for professionals and business owners who wish to network with others, to widen their customer base, and to stay in touch with latest developments in their respective industries.

LinkedIn requires time and effort to bear the fruits and you need to try various methods and find what works best for your business.

Let’s take a look at some techniques that you should know before starting your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Sell Your Skills

It doesn’t matter if you opt for an individual or a company profile, your profile is the best way to market your product or service and to sell your skills.

Likewise your LinkedIn profile is essentially an extended resume that includes a photo and recommendations from others. Fill out the details completely to make the most of it from a marketing perspective.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Apart from being the largest professional network – LinkedIn provides an ideal platform to position yourself as an expert in your domain or industry. Apart from individual profiles, LinkedIn allows users to post company profiles as well. Ideally, if you run a business, you have to have one.

Everyone wants to work with experts in their respective fields. If you’re aiming to position yourself as an expert, share your expertise on your subject matters and actively answer questions in the LinkedIn’s “Question and Answer” section. Every question that you answer becomes a permanent part of your profile, allowing connections and other people to see your wealth of knowledge.

Also, make sure you join related groups and start answering members’ questions to increase your reputation.

Get Recommendations from Your Colleagues

Getting a recommendation from colleagues and former clients is one of the most effective ways to get new business. LinkedIn lets you to request recommendations for each position in which you’ve worked and for your college experience. In order to take full advantage of marketing on LinkedIn, you should gather as many recommendations as possible.

Don’t Ignore Offline Networking

Online networking is a great convenience, but sometimes you just can’t compare it with face-to-face networking.

Start finding events in your city by looking at the “Networking Events” on LinkedIn. All major cities such as Los Angeles and Cleveland have their own listings of networking events.

If you have the resources, you can also host your own networking event, which can be promoted on LinkedIn.

Link All Your Social Media Accounts

Managing different social media platforms is always challenging. With LinkedIn it is easy to merge your Twitter account and your blog with your profile. You can just sync your Twitter account and your blog, so that both platforms are automatically updated when you roll out new content. Signing up would take less than a minute. People who are interested can easily reach your Twitter profile, your website, or your blog to learn more.

LinkedIn can prove to be an extremely valuable marketing tool, if you’re willing to provide ample time and effort to create relevant content.


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