The Rise of Micro Influencers

Wednesday 29th, June 2016

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There was a time when companies used to flood the advertising space with tall and unrealistic claims.

But this isn’t 1995, is it?

Times have changed, drastically.

Today, brands are vying for content that is authentic and captivating at the same time.

Though brands are discovering the power of influencer marketing, many still think taking a “bigger is better” approach is safe – choosing influencers solely on their number of followers. This is mostly because, brands don’t have access to actionable data on influencers. It’s also because, intuitively, a bigger audience feels like a sure bet.

This is not always true.

A recent study published on Marketing Dive shows that engagement levels on Instagram have decreased significantly as audience size increased – dropping from roughly 8 percent for influencers with 1,000 followers to 4 percent for those with 10,000 followers.

For influencers with more than 1 million followers, it’s further down to 1.66 percent.

Why does this matter?

Engagement is a strong indicator of conversion – it is the action that ultimately matters to the businesses.

An influencer can be effective in inspiring viewers to become actual consumers if they have a close relationship with their audience.

For this very reason, it is wise to select five or six “niche” bloggers whose followers closely align with yours to yield a better result than engaging with a single mega-influencer with a mainstream following.

Successful Collaborations

One great example of a brand that effectively utilized micro influencers is Christian Paul.

They collaborated with a range of influencers from Kate Waterhouse (130k+ Instagram followers) to upcoming bloggers such as Katherine Saab of Stylendipity (8.8k followers) to showcase their minimalist watch collection.

Marks & Spencer is another great example of a brand that effectively engaged micro-influencers to share its story and individual collaborations with bloggers of different styles – a strategy that suits Marks & Spencer’s diverse customer profile.

Creating Your Own Strategy

The biggest advantage of engaging with micro-influencers is that brands of all sizes and budgets can take advantage.

Most of the soon-to-be famous bloggers will be happy to accept product samples, gifts, or event invitations to collaborate with a brand they love. They can be a valuable asset for the brands that may not have a budget to launch a paid campaign. Some might be happy to accept content if you supply beautiful photography and interesting product news.

When you are launching your own micro-influencer collaboration, analyze carefully about your target audience.

It is recommended to utilize an influencer marketing platform particular to your industry that allows you to set defined parameters like geographic location gender, age range and influence level.

Micro-influencers may need some guidance initially, therefore ensure you set clear requirements before you start your collaboration.

A good influencer marketing platform will be able to offer guidance about what to include in your requirements and how to get the best results from your campaign.  Also, ensure your campaign follows advertising laws in your jurisdiction.

Final Note

Micro-influencers can be really beneficial for small and big brands alike.

They are the secret weapons for brands looking to boost awareness and inspire online viewers to become their customers.

Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you are a large brand looking for new avenues to reach your target audience, or a startup looking out for
cost-effective ways to showcase your product, micro-influencers can help you achieve meaningful results while connecting with genuine brand enthusiasts.


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