Millennials – a dream come true!


A Millennial is a digital marketer’s dream come true.

They are young. Educated. Wealthy. Quick adopters of any new technology. Big on social media. They trust websites, social media and digital advertising. Use their phones to connect to the internet. And search for product info on their phones while they shop looking for coupons and discounts. They “like” stuff, share links, and post product reviews.

What more does a digital marketer need? Engaging with him is a breeze!

Here are some pointers on how to do this right.

  • Traditional methods of marketing won’t work with him. Inbound marketing will. So offer him high-quality authentic content. He checks out product reviews as he trusts user-generated content. Capitalize on that!
  • He is looking for a solution to issues that he faces – so make sure that your content reflects just that.
  • He is looking for solutions on the go. Which means that he engages or uses his smart phone or a digital device to connect. Brands should make sure that their websites and their communications are all responsive.
  • Think of AirBnBs and their phenomenal success. Who is their biggest customer base? Millennials. They like different. They like quirky. They like offbeat. They like it real.
  • Brands that will succeed are those that reflect the values that the millennials are interested in – beauty, wealth, status, professional success, travel and adventure. They are tech savvy and young. They are rebellious and take risks. They are modern – hip, smart and fun! On the flip side they are also arrogant and lazy – but let’s not go there!
  • They are young and vibrant. Believe that fun is huge. They want to enjoy everything that they do. And that includes interactions with Brands. So the experience of engaging with a brand must be as exciting as the product that they end up buying. Customer experience is very important to these.
  • And they are bright and optimistic – brands that wish to succeed should position themselves in such a way that they appeal to them.
  • And they want brands to be relevant and authentic. They are very clued-in and evolved and can smell BS a mile away!
  • They want brands to engage with them and build relationships with them. They want to be involved! They want to engage with brands as well and so it is important to offer them that opportunity.
  • Which is where Social Media comes in – they are big on Social Media and it would be a great idea for Brands to engage with them there.
  • These are people that grew up with Nintendos and gadgets – they expect everything to be ‘smart’ – from homes to refrigerators!
  • They want brands to engage with them as individuals. Not as part of a group or a segment. Personalization works great here.
  • Millennials believe in causes. They want to save the earth and reducing our carbon footprint. They will even pay a little more for a product if it supports some cause.

There are those that do say that there is no such target group as a Millennial group – there are many different kinds of personas as they are in any other age group. But regardless of this, they are a digital marketer’s dream come true – as the marketing that they do will truly work with a tech savvy group such as this.


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