Marketing to Gen Z

teenagers photoWhen everyone is talking about Millennials, a new generation seems to be slowly gaining ground.

They are young (born after 1995). Very independent. They don’t know of a world without the Internet. Very pragmatic and always in a rush.

Introducing Generation Z – where Swag is the new cool!

They buy the most expensive smart phones – but they download movies or songs for free! Social Media and their peers are their go to reference points! Social Media is huge with them – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms have them glued! They use YouTube to learn anything new.  For them there is no disconnect between the real world and the virtual as they are pretty much online all the time.

They use technology for pretty much everything – whether it is for school projects or entertainment.

They are budding entrepreneurs – wanting to build their own company. They are very comfortable with different cultures, ethnicities and traditions! And they want to change the world! They know about added sugars in products and artificial sweeteners. They know they have to avoid trans fats!

They have strong ‘likes’ that they don’t hesitate to voice about brands and marketing messages.

Marketers need to sit up and factor in Gen Z into their scheme of things – they are already starting to show up in businesses the world over.

Mobile offers and coupons work great – send them special offers on their phones and they will surely check it out

They seem to prefer Instagram to the mother of them all, Facebook. So it might be a good idea to market to them through that.

And what works even better? Snapchat!

If you want to get their attention, you better be either clever or funny! The usual run of the mill messages don’t really work with them!

They might use abbreviations and slang – but don’t underestimate them and talk down to them. Nothing will put them off more than that.

It is a good idea to engage with them across multiple social networks, because that is what they do. They experiment with various networks and technologies. A case in point is the Headphones Company – Beats. They used TV and social media, celebrity endorsements and all kinds of publicity material to get in touch with this demographic. And the result? Beats by Dr. Dre increased its Facebook likes by 1.7 million, its Instagram followers by 76 percent, and its YouTube subscribers by 57 percent.

When it comes to Social Media marketing, you need to focus on Smapchat and YouTube.

You want to get their attention? Self-reliance and empowerment are the key! Address this need and your campaign will work. You should give the Gen Z the tools to learn, do or experience things themselves. It could be a how-to or an educational video or it could be some way of forming an online community that will accomplish something collaboratively. Community and collaboration work great with them.

What appeals to them is quality. Over price. They tend to research everything, so if you want your brand to work with them, make sure it is of the best quality possible.

Show them how your brand makes a difference to the world we live in and they are likely to be very interested.

As this new Generation evolves and grows, marketers must reinvent the ways they engage with their customers and audiences. And Gen Z sure does this things differently from any generation that went before!

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