Marketing to a Millennial Man

Thursday 02nd, June 2016

They are called the largest and the most influential generation of consumers. They spend significant amounts of money – being willing to pay more for something if it supported a cause that they believed in!

They are also one of a marketer’s greatest challenges as they don’t trust conventional methods of marketing.

They are the Millennials.

Born between 1977 and 2000 – they are educated, live in a metro, at least half of them have children and they all believe in equal parenting. They travel widely and quickly take to any new technology or gadget –at least twice as quickly as any other demographic group. They are the creators of content on Social Media – churning out and sharing original pictures and videos with their sizeable social following.

They are influenced most by experts. Family and friends. Even strangers. Celebrities. They trust websites, social media and digital advertising. They place importance on beauty, wealth, status, professional success, travel and adventure.

And they have tremendous buying power – with tons of expendable income, very often buying things they don’t really need. They are heavy users of portable devices, using smartphones to connect to the Internet. They search for information on their phones while they are in a store – checking product information or comparing prices, looking for coupons or any promos. They are the kind that engages with brands on Social Media. They “like” stuff, share links, and post product reviews.

They sound like a marketer’s veritable dream come true – but they are the exact opposite. Most marketers find millennials extremely challenging to engage with.

So in order to get a Millennial’s attention, there are a few things that a marketer ought to do.

  • Definitely outbound marketing is not the way to go. Traditional methods of marketing won’t work with him
  • Offer him high-quality authentic content that he can engage with. They are drawn to content-driven media – blogs and YouTube videos work well.
  • They trust user-generated content. So getting your happy customers to write positive and glowing product reviews for you is a great idea.
  • They are looking for content that sounds or looks like it was created as an answer to a problem that they have. As if the content was developed just for them.
  • Brands that will succeed are those that reflect the values that the millennials are interested in – beauty, wealth, status, professional success, travel and adventure
  • They want brands to engage with them and build relationships with them. They want to engage with brands as well and so it is important to offer them that opportunity.
  • They want brands to engage with them as individuals. Not as part of a group or a segment. Personalization works great here.
  • Millennials believe in causes. So if a brand supports a cause, millennials are willing to pay even a little more for a product! They like brands to be socially and environmentally responsible.

These are some ways brands can have Millennials pick them over other brands. While it might appear that Millennials are a challenging lot – with traditional methods of marketing not working with them – the key to engaging with them is through some great inbound marketing methods.


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