Customer Acquisition: How to Attract the Right Customers

Tuesday 28th, June 2016

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How many times have you entered a restaurant and realized the food is not as per your requirement?

You might be looking to spend at a difference price point but the menu might be expensive. So you walk out.

And walking out of a restaurant can be really awkward. Especially a nice restaurant.

Now think about how easy it is to leave a webpage.

You don’t have to deal with the embarrassment or seeing the disappointment on someone’s face.

Is a restaurant and website any different?

Not really. A lot of effort goes into attracting customers to enter either one of those.

It’s got to be frustrating if you’re the restaurateur and you see people looking at your menu and walking out.

It’s the same feeling that you would get when your landing page has a near 100% bounce rate. It should be frustrating to pay money to send traffic to your site with zero conversions.

So how do you stop hemorrhaging money on ads? How to get the right customers?

That’s where customer engagement comes in.

What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is a nebulous marketing term that means different things to a lot of people.

So honestly, what is it?

Let’s understand this through a high five.

You’re raising a hand and someone claps you a high five. That’s engagement.

But if everyone give you a blank stare, instead? You are not engaging.

The high five means what’s happening is good, and the other person agrees with you.

So how do you get the high five?

Target the Right Customers

A typical customer journey looks like this: A visitor encounters an ad that he might want; clicks on the ad; analyzes the offers and decides to go for it; completes the transaction; conversion complete.

Looks simple enough right?

Expect it’s not.

It might be easy to engage with a friend. But your potential customers are not your friends.

How do you make the right customer to take to take notice of your offer?

Keep your proposition short and crisp. Avoid being intrusive – prospects take privacy far too seriously. Grab their attention and make yourself familiar. If the right customer comes across your ad, curiosity will entice him to click.

You see, engagement is interest translated into action.

Action, then, is a sign of interest.

When you target the right customer with a strong call to action, they’ll respond with action. That’s when you know they’re interested.

Of course there will be some visitors who just won’t convert.

However when you target the right customers, you greatly improve your odds that they will.


Paid search can be in the form of pay per click on search engines, social media advertising, display advertising, remarketing, etc.

Once you’ve figured the kind of audience you want to target, what you need to understand is where they are in their journey, and what they feel when they see your ad. The context of your ads is just as important as the landing page content.

For instance, when you’re running PPC ads in a search network, you’re come across potential customers while they’re searching for something they want. They will be highly interested and actively seek something. If you create messaging system based on their requirement—and you create your offer to match it—your conversions will improve easily.

On the other hand, if your ad copy says one thing and your offer something else, it creates a very bad user experience – and you lose a valuable customer.

Display ads is a different case altogether. It’s totally possible that they are thinking about something unrelated when they come across your ad.

Yet, if your proposition is enticing and your offer is exciting, people will click over if it’s what they want. Display ads have a lasting effect due to its visual nature, so the effect can be delayed.

Finally, if you’re planning to advertise online, you’ve got to precisely target your customers, advertise in the right context, and create an effective customer story.

If you fail, you’ll end up paying for the accidental traffic. And losing advertising dollars isn’t pretty!


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