5 Competitor Analysis Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

Tuesday 07th, June 2016

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No one does business in vacuum. Whichever field anyone’s in, there are others selling similar products or services – perhaps at a different scale and different location.

It’s a global market now, and with the reach of online advertising and e-commerce portals, you’ll find yourself in competition with establishments from just around the corner, or right across the world.

To survive in this business, it’s essential that you’re aware of what others in your industry are doing, and how well they’re doing in comparison to you. You can learn from them, and use the knowledge of their mistakes and successes to improve your own business.

Let’s look at 5 competitor analysis tools that can help you put a discreet spotlight on your rivals, and monitor their activities.


Compete is a digital performance measuring tool that digs into search statistics to uncover which keywords are having the greatest success in steering visitors to your website, and to the websites of your rivals.

This analysis can be used to gauge how effective your SEO efforts are, and how you compare against the traffic generated by others in the market.

Compete is a free tool. However you can upgrade for more advanced features such as adding multiples sites into groups and learn how users interact with these authority sites.


They say Knowledge is power, and InfiniGraph effectively capitalizes on this by providing information on social media activities throughout your industry.

It’s a free service that not only helps you monitor what’s being said about your competitors and what they’re doing, but also keeps you abreast of current trends and hot topics in your field of interest.

Similar Web

Similar Web is mainly a competitive analysis tool. But its service goes beyond that.

From the detailed traffic reports you can tell where your competition’s site visitors are coming from, with statistical breakdowns of the amount of time that visitors spend on the site, traffic referrals, bounce rates, levels of engagement, and demographic details that includes rankings by country, or across the world as a whole.

It supplies statistics for your competitors’ mobile apps as well.

There’s a free trial version too. Paid packages ranging from $99 to just under $3,000.

Social Mention

If you’re on a shoe string budget, Social mention is a free service that lets you search the social media spectrum for different company names, discover what’s being said about them, and how often their brand or product names come up in the social conversation on various platforms.

Agora Pulse

Agora pulse is a CMS platform for the scheduling of promotional campaigns.

Blog posts, adverts, videos, photographic images and other materials can be stored in your account, and released at set intervals. Unlike other such platforms, Agora pulse includes tools for monitoring the activity of your rivals.

Agora Pulse provides insights on the social media campaigns that your competitors are engaged in, that includes details of their page and fan postings, how their material is being received, who’s talking about them, who’s following them on which platforms, and what level of interaction they have with their customer base.


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